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Luxury Rehabs in Australia

Our independent research team continuously gathers and evaluates data to compile an unbiased and thorough list of the best mental health and addiction treatment centres in Australia.

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Australia is a country steeped in the great outdoors, and many luxury rehab centres bring nature to your front door to help you overcome substance addiction and mental health concerns. From traditional treatments like one-to-one therapy, to more bespoke treatments like bio-medical, Australia is a great place to heal.

The country is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans and is home to the Great Barrier Reef—the largest reef to exist in our oceans. Its Gold Coast is a surfer’s paradise, while cities like Melbourne and Sydney are home to more cultural attractions including The Sydney Opera House and Federation Square.

How can I tell if a rehab is good?

One way to determine if a rehab has a good reputation is to look at their reviews. You can find rehab reviews on our website, Google, Facebook, PsychologyToday, and Yelp. Learn more about selecting a rehab in our ultimate guide to choosing a treatment provider.

How do I know that a rehab’s staff is licensed?

To see how experienced a rehab’s staff is, find their team page and read their bios. Most rehabs provide background information about their clinical staff like where they went to school, professional experience, and licensing.

What is medication-assisted therapy (MAT)?

Medication-assisted therapy, or MAT, treats those struggling with substance addiction through medication and counseling. This is commonly used to treat opioid addiction.

What is a sober living environment?

A sober living environment provides a safe, drug- and alcohol-free home for its residents. Sober living environments normally have some requirements to stay in their care and continue to receive support like meeting or group attendance and commitment to school or employment.

What happens in 1-on-1 therapy at rehab?

One-on-one therapy is usually with a therapist, psychiatrist, or licensed counselor. These practitioners use a variety of techniques and therapies to help you identify and address the problems that underlie your addiction or mental health disorder.

Can I attend rehab confidentially?

Most rehabs have a confidentiality agreement with each client to ensure total anonymity during the treatment process. Clinical files normally are not released post-treatment. Some rehabs even have discreet transportation to the facility and allow clients to continue to maintain confidentiality.

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