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Connecticut and New England in general tend to serve as an alternate luxury destination to West Coast Rehabs. Seen as a bit more "serious," with less frills, New England rehabs are sometimes even backed by world-leading educational institutions, with McLean started by Harvard and The Steward House a Yale collaboration. Watch our Destinations episode on New England to learn more.

In 2010, Connecticut had the highest per-capita income and median household income in the U.S., and it remains a wealthy area in America. This, along with its proximity to New York City, makes Connecticut a popular East Coast luxury rehab destination for celebrities, professional athletes, and executives in need of retreat or rehab.

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Residential rehab offers you or your loved one the opportunity to start anew in a setting tailored to your needs. With a variety of available options, one is sure to be perfect for you.


Enjoy beautiful natural scenery and treatment from experienced providers.


Experience quality treatment with awe-inspiring views in naturally beautiful settings.

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A top treatment destination featuring the latest clinical research and east-coast charm.