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Do I need to detox before I go to rehab?

This depends on your substance use history, including the type, level and length of substance use. As part of the admissions process, an admissions advisor or clinical staff will discuss detox requirements during an initial assessment and work with you to create a detox plan. You can also receive a detox evaluation from your primary care doctor.

Are there benefits to choosing a rehab out of the country?

Both out-of-country rehabs and rehabs close to home come with their own set of benefits. You may consider a rehab out of country if you’re looking for more privacy and greater confidentiality. Rehabs abroad also give you a chance to disconnect from your everyday environment and potentially gain a new perspective. Some people seek rehabs abroad for specific treatments and treatment philosophies that they can’t find back home.

Will I lose my job going to rehab?

If you have a serious health condition, which includes substance abuse and mental health issues that meet certain requirements, and your employer is covered by The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you are eligible to take job-protected leave for treatment. FMLA gives you up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a one-year period, given you use that leave time to go through treatment. When you’re done with your program, FMLA guarantees you are employed under the same working terms and conditions as before you left.

What is a rehab alumni program?

A number of rehabs have an alumni program as part of their continuing care. These programs connect you to a network of alumni who support each other’s sobriety and transition to life outside the treatment center.

Can I receive aftercare treatment online?

Thanks to the rise in telemedicine, many rehab centers now offer teletherapy and online counseling as part of their continuing care plan.

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