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Popular luxury rehabs in Malaysia are sought after for people from Singapore and the surrounding area. Many of the luxury rehab facilities are outside of the big city and, consequently, offer the perfect escape from everyday life and bad habits. Malaysia is a world-renowned medical tourism designation. In 2016, the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council reported that there were 921,000 foreign patients receiving treatment. Its state-of-the-art facilities and expert medical professionals—alongside it’s affordable prices—mean people from across the globe flock here for treatment. Find out more about Malaysian luxury rehab centers below.

What happens in a family program at rehab?

Many rehabs offer family programs to involve loved ones in the recovery process. This usually entails some combination of family or couples therapy, addiction education, and activities that welcome family participation. The goal of family involvement in rehab is to educate and heal your loved ones, too.

What is the food like at rehab?

Most rehabs are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions and food allergies. Luxury rehabs usually offer high-quality food, with healthy options intentionally designed to aid the recovery process. Some even staff chefs and dieticians to ensure recovery-focused nutrition.

Why should I choose a different country for addiction treatment?

There are a few reasons why clients opt for international rehabs. One reason is that they can be less expensive than rehabs in your home country. International rehabs also offer diverse treatment approaches that may incorporate aspects of their local culture. Attending rehab far from home can also provide an additional layer of privacy during your recovery process.

What countries have the most affordable rehabs?

Asia is well known for its affordability when it comes to rehabs. Asia rehabs are generally less expensive due to the lower cost of living, and many offer luxury treatment in beautiful, idyllic settings.

Will I have contact with my family while in rehab?

Family contact can vary depending on the rehab’s policies; however, many rehabs believe it’s important to include family members in recovery, and therefore offer programming aimed at helping loved ones learn and heal.

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