An Exploration of Luxury Treatment

Destinations is a documentary film series that explores top luxury rehab destinations around the world. In each episode, we visit a different location, giving you a feel for that area of the world and why it's a popular luxury treatment destination. Each episode also contains an inside look into one or more residential centres in the area.

It's not surprising that Bali has become a hub for addiction recovery. A true paradise, it has beautiful landscapes, fascinating culture, delicious cuisine, thriving arts and gorgeous beaches, along with a spiritual history and philosophy that is focused on growth, rehabilitation and rebirth.

Many of the same elements that draw tourists to Thailand make it an attractive treatment destination. Clients are drawn to Thailand’s unique cultural experiences, food that is loved around the world, and a friendly, non-judgemental attitude that has led to Thailand’s famous nickname, “The Land of Smiles.”

As one of the top holiday destinations in Europe, Spain attracts travelers all year round with its historic cities, delightful cuisine, rich culture, and stunning landscapes. Recovering in Spain provides an opportunity to heal in comfort and warmth amidst a culture built on community, connection, and rest.

South Africa delivers unspeakable natural beauty and diverse experiences to help you relax and enjoy life. Here, treatment providers offer high quality treatment and one-of-a-kind excursions at an affordable price.

Boasting stunning views, utmost privacy, and rich culture, Switzerland provides an ultimate luxury treatment experience. The most expensive programs in the world are offered here with intensive support and individualized treatment to restore you physically and mentally.

Home to cutting-edge research, spectacular scenery, and charming towns, New England—six states in the northeastern region of the United States—should not be underestimated as a destination for treatment.

Arizona gives its visitors a chance to unwind in some of the most beautiful, otherwordly natural scenery that the United States has to offer while receiving world-class treatment from the first-class providers that are located here.

Offering stunning views, unlimited outdoor activities and top-tier treatment facilities, if you choose to attend a luxury treatment center in Colorado you will be surrounded by unmatched natural beauty to assist in your journey of healing.

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