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Providing personalized and holistic care for addiction, trauma, and mental health, with expert staff and evidence-based therapies.

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Victor Daeseleire

2022 (45 days) • Reviewed March 16th, 2023

Former Client

self-employed (B2B marketing)

Antwerp, Belgium

Sex Addiction
I came to Affect2U because I suffered from past traumas that hindered my daily life. I often felt anxious and tense, and I noticed that my traumatic experiences continued to haunt and influence me specially with alcohol. It was time to do something about this. At Affect2U I was treated in a very professional and empathetic manner. I was listened to carefully and attention was paid to my individual needs and wishes. The treatment focused on processing my traumas and finding ways to cope. I soon noticed an improvement in my complaints. I felt more relaxed and better able to deal with my fears. I was given tools to better regulate my emotions and my self-confidence grew. All in all, I am very happy that I ended up at Affect2U and I can certainly recommend this practice to others who are struggling with traumatic experiences.