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Hiking can improve your mental health and provide a wholesome hobby to use throughout your recovery. Going on hikes also builds your resilience and self-efficacy as you summit new heights (literally). Some rehabs include hiking as one of their peer activities and a way to enjoy the benefits of nature. Most rehabs that offer hiking are close to a trailhead or provide transportation to one.

Benefits of Hiking for Mental Health And Addiction Recovery

Hiking provides physical exercise and an immersion in nature, both of which are beneficial to your mental health. You'll also set goals to push yourself during your hikes and make it to the end. Hiking shows you what can happen with determination and consistency, which you can apply to your recovery journey.

You'll also enjoy peer support and camaraderie during your hikes. Connecting with others can help you feel stronger in your recovery and show you that you're not alone on the journey.

Tips And Safety Precautions for Hiking

Be sure you have plenty of water and some snacks before you leave on your hike. Make sure someone in your group, usually the staff member accompanying you, knows where they're going. Depending on a rehab's location, some hiking trails may have rockier or steep terrain. Bring a first aid kit in case of falls or other injuries.

Wear the right shoes, too. If your rehab has hiking opportunities, pack hiking boots or a sturdy pair of tennis shoes. Your clothes should feel light and comfortable, though you can layer during the colder months. Bring a sunhat, use sunscreen, and wear sunglasses on sunny days.

And since you'll be in nature, you may run into wildlife. The staff member should have bear spray if you're in an area with bears. Bug spray shields from mosquitos, ticks, and flies to prevent bug-borne sickness.

Most rehabs with hiking will guide you down relaxed trails with easy terrain, though they may give you the option to try more advanced trails. You typically won't need any hiking equipment. Depending on your treatment schedule, you may be able to hike once a week, every few days, or more.

You can find rehabs with hiking and other adventure therapies around the world. Some rehabs also offer fishing, golf, martial arts, and other physical activities.

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