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An accredited residential and outpatient program providing personalized treatment for mental health and eating disorders in a luxury, retreat-style setting.
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2022 (30 days) • Reviewed September 18th, 2022

Former Client



The Meadowglade is very structured at the RTC level, very good for folks who are actively having flashbacks and panic attacks, and need psych-ward level safety but prefer a more homelike environment. Full inventory of everything you bring. Strict contraband rules (i.e., no access to open flame, butter knives and charging cords are kept under lock and key, shaving must be monitored). Tech blackout period for the first 72 hours. Must shower and launder all clothing upon arrival. Only ten articles of each type of clothing (i.e., 10 shirts, 10 shorts). Wake up call at 7:30 AM. Six 45-minute groups a day led by therapists, on the hour with a 15 minute break. The groups go through a 12-week curriculum, which you will complete in its entirety is you start at RTC and step down to PHP and IOP. Heavy emphasis on psychoeducation. Handouts everyday. Individual, family, EMDR, and nutrition therapy available, plus case management. One leisure hour per day. Lunch at noon. Dinner at five. Mental health workers lead activities from 6-8pm. Tech access 8-10pm and during the leisure hour. Six clients, everyone has a roommate. Only one television in a group room. Con is lack of diversity in the clinical team. If your trauma is related to race and class issues, keep looking. If you find a lot of meaning and truth in religion and spirituality, also maybe keep looking. Good support for LGBTQIA folks, however if you identify as a straight male, the straight identifying male counselor is so-so. Otherwise, you will find a lot of help here.


2019 (30 days) • Reviewed March 10th, 2022

Former Client


I was so impressed with The Meadowglade! They were extremely nice and made me feel very welcome. They did a great job all around- first-rate!The therapists at The Meadowglade care about people and they are committed to helping them recover. They helped me get my life back on track after I had an alcohol addiction problem in 2018, but now I'm out here with a new job.My life has changed a lot, now that I'm out of the abusive relationship with alcohol. It isn't easy to leave an addiction behind you, but it's worth it if you can get your life back on track.Coming at The Meadowglade gave me a whole lot more time, energy, and patience for life. I had lots going on in my life when I came into this center. Now my entire world has changed - for the better!

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