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Steps to Recovery


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Outpatient treatment programs using personalized and evidence-based treatment plans to treat co-occurring and primary mental health and/or addiction.

Highlights from the Center

  • Joint Commission Accredited

  • Licensed for Both Addiction & Mental Health

  • Certified Professionals

  • Trauma-Informed Care

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Dual-Diagnosis Program

Steps to Recovery treats co-occurring addiction and mental health conditions at the same time, using dual-diagnosis treatment to help clients heal from both. Therapy and psychoeducation can help clients identify triggers and understand how to prevent a relapse. Steps to Recovery uses medication-assisted treatment as needed to help clients recover holistically.

A Variety of Care Levels

Steps to Recovery provides mental health and addiction treatment in multiple care levels and time periods. Clients can progress through gradually less-intensive programs, or begin right in between. The level of intensity decreases from PHP to IOP, and then outpatient and aftercare. Clients can stay in safe sober living homes during PHP, which have random drug tests, daily schedules and light chores, and a unique support system.

Mental Health Treatment

Steps to Recovery provides primary mental health treatment for men and women. Their outpatient programs provide specialized group therapies for trauma, depression, and other diagnoses, with 1:1 therapy each week. Steps to Recovery has a 3:1 staff-to-client ratio, helping each client get the individualized attention they need and deserve as they navigate their condition.

Family Support And Aftercare

Steps to Recovery involves family in the recovery of their loved one, offering family therapy, psychoeducation, and support for family members. After treatment, clients enter into a strong alumni community. Steps to Recovery hosts bi-weekly alumni meetings, events and activities, and a mentorship program, Step Up, to help newly-graduated clients integrate into aftercare.

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2017 (180+ days) • Reviewed October 25th, 2023

Former Client


I’d leave zero stars if I could. Both myself and my brother went here. My brother recently passed away due to an overdose and Steps had the nerve to call my parents and hound them about some back balance he owed for rent in IOP. My Dad informed them he had passed away and their response was “So when are we getting our money?”. No “I’m sorry for your loss”, no compassion, no nothing. I understand you guys are a business at the end of the day, but shame on you. He wasn’t mad you called…he’s mad you kept hounding him for money after he told you his son just died. You didn’t even acknowledge the fact that his child is dead. You just kept asking when and who you were going to get the money from. You guys have really changed - and not for the better.


Referring Professional


Easy to work with and great responses from clients after leaving there.

Rick B

Referring Professional

Senior director of business development

Steps has always provided exceptional care to patients and families. Referring patients to steps has always been an efficient patient centered process for our Patients.


Referring Professional

Executive Director/Director of Business Development

Steps to Recovery is one of my preferred rehabs to work with. They make the referral process extremely easy and I am confident the clients I send there will be well taken care of. I have never gotten negative feedback about their program.


Referring Professional

Account manager

The steps to recovery staff deliver quality, patient first care starting with the intake process. Every patient we have sent to STR has had nothing but glowing reviews of their program.