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Sedona, Arizona, United States

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Treating mental health and co-occurring disorders with alternative treatments to psychiatric medications, medication tapering, and personalized holistic care.

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Environmental & Orthomolecular Medicine

Alternative to Meds’ 2 primary pillars of care are environmental and orthomolecular medicine. They use environmental medicine to address exposure to toxins in the air, water, and food. Orthomolecular medicine corrects unhealthy cells using nutrition, supplements, and individualized naturopathic services.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Alternative to Meds uses various evidence-based therapies for a comprehensive treatment experience. Their masters-level therapists tailor treatment to each client’s needs, using CBT, EMDR, and psychotherapy to help heal behavioral challenges and addiction. Each client has weekly sessions with their assigned therapist and care managers.

Individualized Holistic Healing

Alternative to Meds provides lab testing and assessments to understand each client down to a molecular level. Individualized treatment plans include medication tapering and detox as needed, mental health treatment, naturopathic healing, alternative treatments, and more. Clients can also access their phones and laptops to stay connected to work or other personal communications.

Safe Withdrawal and Tapering

When needed, Alternative to Meds provides a safe detox experience from prescription medications and addictive substances. They use gradual tapering, bridge medications, substitution tapering, and more to meet the withdrawal needs of each client, their medication, and dosage. Organic meals and relaxing activities help restore wellness and promote healing during detox and treatment.

Levels of Care

Mental health is a complex health condition that requires a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to treatment that ensures you receive the appropriate care at the right time, based on your individual needs.
Typically the initial stage of treatment for substance use, focusing on medically supervised management of withdrawal symptoms.
An intensive program offering 24 hour care and a variety of therapeutic services in a residential setting.
Sober Living
Not Offered at This Center
Transitional housing designed to support individuals recovering from substance use disorders offering a safe, supportive and structured environment for practicing long-term sobriety, while reintegrating back into daily living.
Not Offered at This Center
Treatment programming allowing patients to receive care without staying in a hospital or inpatient facility, providing a variety of therapeutic and medical services.
Virtual & In-Home Care
Not Offered at This Center
The delivery of therapeutic services utilizing technology such as video conferencing, online messaging or phone calls, allowing for flexibility, comfort and increased access to care.




Co-Occurring Disorders

Equine Therapy



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1-on-1 Counseling

Meditation & Mindfulness


Mindfulness Therapy

Animal Therapy

Art Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Expressive Arts

Family Therapy

What We Treat

Eating Disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders

Prescription Drugs




Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Drug Addiction


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