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An Ultimate Guide to Single Client Rehabs

Olivia Mueller
 May 15th, 2020|   Clinically Reviewed by 
Rajnandini Rathod

There’s a new treatment option growing in popularity: single client addiction centers. These innovative, highly confidential—therefore ideally suited for high profile business people, celebrities, and politicians—luxury rehab centers treat one person only in an exclusive environment.

A client stays at these centers—The Bay in Australia, Paracelsus in Switzerland, The Cottage in the UK, Kusnacht in Switzerland—and is alone except for the team of professionals treating them.

There are significant differences between single client and multi-client centers. Single-client rehabs often have the following:

Complete client-focus: There is no one else at the center, the client receives a dedicated service.

No group therapy: Often, these clients do not wish to expose themselves and have an urgent need for confidentiality—some may be public figures.

A team of dedicated professionals: An entire team will deliver a tailor-made recovery program for their clients. In these single client centers, there is no such thing as a one-for-all program. Each client receives their own bespoke recovery based on their individual and unique needs.

Integrative approach to healing: Most single-client rehabs believe that addictions do not have one cause, but a complex combination of emotional, mental health, medical, physical and spiritual issues. Their approach tends to be multi-disciplinary.

Privacy: Accommodation is private and luxurious, helping clients relax.

Confidentiality: The client’s recovery is paramount and their personal journeys are held in absolute confidence.

Unique services: These centers deliver all sorts of extra services like cars for client outings, therapists to accompany their meals if they wish, and internet facilities for family and business meetings.

Aftercare: Single-client centers help with the transition back into everyday life with personalized aftercare support.

Four of the Best “One Client at a Time” Centers Around the World

One of the criteria that we look for when listing a center on RehabPath Luxury is the staff-to-client ratio, and most of the rehabs on our site have a great ratio. The most private, individualized care you can receive is found in centers that treat one client at a time.

1.The Bay, Byron Bay, Australia

The Bay programs are run in lovely private houses near the beach or hinterland amid tropical flora. It was founded in 2005 by a group of psychotherapists who wanted to treat addiction in a different way. “We believed that the addiction was being treated but not the underlying trauma and mental health issues,” says psychotherapist and founder, John Dass. “We wanted to address this so we created The Bay.”

Why did you want it to be a single client center? “We didn’t want clients to have to deal with other people because that can be a disruption to recovery. The idea was that the client would come to us and be able to have a totally private recovery experience and one that was dedicated to their personal recovery. Being private means that our international clients could relax more; and relaxation is a key to healing.”

Why is The Bay different? “Many rehabs do “one-to-one” therapy sessions, but in the context of having a group of clients staying in one facility, or attending on a daily/weekly basis. We have a range of highly qualified psychotherapists, nutritionists, doctors, nurses who all come to the client. There is a team of up to 20 professionals who dedicate themselves to one client.

Because of my multi-disciplinary background, we have created a holistic environment, which is truly unique at The Bay. Clients have said that it is more like a retreat than a rehab. We use meditation, yoga, qi gong, mindfulness, acupuncture and massage with one-to-one psychotherapy which produces an intentionally “emotionally warm” structure for our clients. The atmosphere is openhearted and welcoming. Warmth, nurture and nourishment are very important at The Bay.”

Why is it vital to recognize and treat the trauma behind the addiction? “If we only treated the addiction and its symptoms, we would be failing our clients. We know that most addictions have underlying reasons—often from childhood trauma—for being there. By creating a safe space in the psychotherapeutic context, we encourage clients to resolve past traumas, thus enabling a deeper recovery. It might be the first time that clients start to understand where their alcoholism, food or drug addiction comes from so we also use compassion-focused therapy in order that they feel fully seen, heard and understood in a tender, non-judgmental way. I think we’re the only Rehab in the world to provide this heart-centered approach. Clients often get in touch with a lot of shame—they feel they have let down their family and colleagues—and we find ways for them to let go of it.”

Why is one-to-one therapy so important? “Many clients don’t feel comfortable around group therapy. We design the programs for them specifically so that they trust the process. Many clients are well-known or high profile and our gentle but engaging regime helps them to gain this trust. They want confidential therapy and that’s what they get.”

Can a client keep on working? “Yes, there is plenty of room at the house for the clients who often come from the business world to keep on working. We don’t take their mobiles or computers, we just ask that they are ready to work with our therapists when they arrive. We recognize that it’s important to many of our clients to keep working.”

2. Paracelsus Recovery, Zurich, Switzerland

Paracelsus was founded in its current form in 2012 as a family business. It is located on the scenic lakefront of Zurich. They focus on the luxury aspects of their services as well as the single client core philosophy. “Our international team of highly qualified therapists, doctors, nurses, counselors and other professionals focus on the recovery of only one client at a time. Our team works with our clients eight to twelve hours a day, not weekly or monthly as is the case with most other addiction therapy providers,” says chairman, Jan Gerber MSc.

What makes Paracelsus different? “We have recognized the importance of a balanced bio-chemistry of the brain and body for recovery from addiction. We don’t only address the addiction itself, but we identify and treat the underlying reasons for the client’s addiction. We treat the entire person—body, mind and soul. We call it the 360 degree approach.

We also provide an unparalleled high-end all-round service during the treatment program from limousines, a chef, a butler and a 24 hour a day concierge service. We give 7 star service.”

Who are your clients? “Our clients are looking for the best treatment available. They are also looking for 100 percent confidentiality. That’s what we give. We also guarantee that they will never come across another client. We have treated heads of states so it’s very important to guarantee this confidentiality and privacy.”

How do you work as a team? “We assign a team around this client, pull information together and work together very much in a collaborative way until the client leaves,” says clinical coordinator, Dr Christine Merzeder, PhD.

How does the treatment work with psychotherapy? “The client arrives and I find this exciting because I know I have the opportunity to facilitate change. I am here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am getting to know the client so that I can work in the best way with them. Sometimes if they would like, we eat together. It all supports the process,” states psychotherapist, Louis Fitzmaurice.

How does the bespoke program work? “Clients don’t adhere to a program that is already in place, they have their own program. We provide an interdisciplinary program that includes nutrition but also yoga, personal training etc,” says Dr Thilo Beck, the medical doctor.

How long can a client expect to be with you? “Normally they would stay for 4 to 8 weeks but it depends on the individual. We also provide comprehensive after-care in that they might come back for weekends or the psychotherapists visits them,” says Gerber.

What does Luxury Rehab mean to you? “It’s not about spoiling someone because they have an expensive lifestyle. You can’t judge someone because they have a lot of money or are very successful. They are vulnerable like everyone else, and they need support,” says Gerber.

3. The Cottage, Surrey, UK

The Cottage is part of Life Works, one of the Priory Group’s leading centers network and is located in the charming Surrey countryside with easy access to Heathrow and Gatwick airports. The Cottage is the only single client addiction center in the UK. They treat addictions and a wide range of mental health issues. They are the exception in this small group in that they do offer group therapy and 12 Steps, if the client would like them. “Our high end, bespoke treatment caters for clients who might be suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, prescription drug addiction, depression, gambling addiction and more,” Stephen Clarke, the hospital director.

What makes The Cottage’s approach different? “We believe that addiction and behavioural health issues require an in-depth and sophisticated approach that treats the physical, mental, social and spiritual elements of each person. Therefore our treatment program looks at us as a whole person, beyond, just their addiction and offers a person-centered approach to treatment. This vastly increases the chance of sustained recovery and enjoying a good quality of life.”

What is your core treatment philosophy? “We offer a range of treatment programs to help our clients with their recovery process. Our therapies are based on scientific evidence and research. We offer specialist programs for eating disorders, we offer CBT, sex addiction specialists, a mood disorder program, one to one psychotherapy, psychiatric care, group therapy. We also offer all the complementary therapies. We are comprehensive in what we have on offer.”

How does your team work together? “Our experienced team work with the clients to ensure they have maximum input into how their program is designed. Their entire stay will be organized by your own personal Program Coordinator who is available to support the client and tailor their treatment program according to their needs. Five star treatment begins before they even arrive with our private car and chauffeur service available to pick them up from anywhere in the UK if necessary.”

Why do you offer single client occupancy? “Our facility caters to clients looking for the most discreet and exclusive environment to relax, unwind and deal with their recovery. We only take one client at a time to ensure everyone we treat has the best possible care.”

4. The Kusnacht Practice, Zurich, Switzerland

The Kusnacht Practice opened in 2007 and is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Zurich. It prides itself on being one of the most exclusive and expensive Rehabs in the world. Both George Michael and John Galliano are said to have been treated there. Each client has his or her own villa—there are seven villas—with a butler, maid and chauffeur. “We make a home for our clients,” says owner and CEO Eduardo Greghi.

What makes the Kusnacht Practice different? “The level of luxury. This all-inclusive service, as if in a hotel, is characteristic of 5-star psychiatry and it includes 70 permanent employees and 90 freelancers, from a yoga teacher to an acupuncturist.

The clinical team here has a rich heritage of developing innovative methods of looking beyond the surface issues in order to identify the true underlying causes. We find these forms of compulsive behavior are usually associated with biochemical or neurochemical imbalances. We have developed our own Bio R methodology to deal with these imbalances.”

Why single client? “We prefer to treat clients individually rather than in a therapy group, as this enables us to tailor a unique care plan to the personal requirements of each individual. Clients stay at our exclusive luxury residences. We provide clinical excellence in luxurious surroundings.”

Do you include family members in the recovery process? “Many people who seek treatment at The Kusnacht Practice may be experiencing emotional pain or may have suffered trauma, which can also be distressing for family and friends.

Although not mandatory, in most cases we strongly recommend that family and close friends take part in our treatment program. This helps each party to truly understand what is causing their family member’s disorder and their part in the healing process. A thorough preparation for a healthier and happier life after treatment and during our continuing care for the whole family system is an important part of the lasting treatment success.”

What types of therapy are used? “We offer a wide range of innovative and science-based therapies and procedures delivered by qualified medical professionals, along with counseling, complementary treatments and 12 Steps spiritual programs. This may include biomolecular restoration, clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy/cognitive therapies, EMDR, Family Systems Therapy, Mindfulness work, Neurofeedback, Positive psychology, repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and more.”

Finding Recovery That’s Tailored to You 

Addiction can make us feel misunderstood. In that vulnerable state, feeling seen is so important. That’s what single-client rehabs do for their patients. By understanding and catering to the individual needs of their clients, these rehabs create a comfortable and nurturing environment for recovery. 

Search our collection of luxury rehab centers to learn more about single-client rehabs, their accommodations, pricing, amenities, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Single-Client Rehabs

Are there rehabs that treat just one person?

Single-client rehabs treat just one patient at a time. Their clients include executives, celebrities, and high-profile people who want an ultra-bespoke, confidential rehab experience.

What’s the most private rehab?

Single-client rehabs are as private as they get. They offer personalized treatment, an entire team dedicated to your care, secluded and luxurious accommodation, and complete confidentiality.

Are single-client rehabs effective?

They can be—personalization improves treatment outcomes. Single-client rehabs address each client’s unique situation, including trauma or concerns that stem from addiction. They tailor therapies to clients and adjust treatment as needed, according to your progress.

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