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Substance Use and Mental Health
Yes We Can Youth Clinics is the most specialised treatment centre in Europe for 13–25 year olds with mental health issues, addictions and behavioural problems.
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Mental health is a complex health condition that requires a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to treatment that ensures you receive the appropriate care at the right time, based on your individual needs.
Not Offered at This Center
Typically the initial stage of treatment for substance use, focusing on medically supervised management of withdrawal symptoms.
An intensive program offering 24 hour care and a variety of therapeutic services in a residential setting.
Sober Living
Not Offered at This Center
Transitional housing designed to support individuals recovering from substance use disorders offering a safe, supportive and structured environment for practicing long-term sobriety, while reintegrating back into daily living.
Not Offered at This Center
Treatment programming allowing patients to receive care without staying in a hospital or inpatient facility, providing a variety of therapeutic and medical services.
Virtual & In-Home Care
Not Offered at This Center
The delivery of therapeutic services utilizing technology such as video conferencing, online messaging or phone calls, allowing for flexibility, comfort and increased access to care.




Family Program

Co-Occurring Disorders

Young Adults




Family Involvement

Group Therapy



1-on-1 Counseling

Adventure Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Family Therapy

Interpersonal Therapy

Life Skills


Recreation Therapy

Relapse Prevention Counseling

Twelve Step Facilitation

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Personality Disorders







Co-Occurring Disorders



Support Meetings
Recovery Coach
Recovery Retreats
Outpatient Treatment
Family Follow-up Counseling
Online Aftercare
Follow-up Sessions (in-person)


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2021 (70 days) • Reviewed March 21st, 2024

Loved One of a Former Client

My daughter went to Yes We Can Youth Clinics because of mental health issues caused by trauma. From our first contact with the clinic, we felt that this place differed from all the other places we experienced. It is hard to pinpoint, but I think sincere interest in my daughter, wife, and myself best describes it. The intake team was able to connect with us quickly. I saw my daughter open up in a way I hadn't seen for years.It was hard to leave our daughter behind for ten weeks, especially the first five weeks, during which there was no contact at all. I think it confronted us with how entangled our lives had become in an unhealthy way.The parent programme was challenging and confrontational. Before the programme, I blamed my daughter most for all our family's problems. Some stern words fell, but eventually, Yes We Can was able to open up my eyes and show me what my role in the situation was. I was so glad to see my daughter after five weeks during bonding week. There were so many things that we had to talk about. This day has been a turning point in my life, for which I will be forever grateful.Fast forward to 2024. Our daughter is doing great. She just finished her media design study in London. She has had some rough periods after returning from the clinic, but she now has the tools to deal with them. And so did we. We have become closer as a family than we have ever been before. Highly recommended!


2019 (60 days) • Reviewed August 10th, 2019

Former Client



Wonderful, warm, loving clinic with a very effective and intensive program. I've seen a lot of therapists in my life, but none of them were able to really understand me and my problems. Astonishing surroundings and a beautiful castle with nice two-person rooms.<p>They work with a lot of experts by experience and youth coaches. Especially the last group offered a shoulder to cry on when I found it difficult to partake.</p>

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