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White River Manor


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Substance Use and Mental Health
Providing unique activities, superb amenities, and holistic addiction and mental health treatment in a luxury 5-star lodge with spa services and tailored care.

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  • Bespoke With Exclusive Staff

  • On-site Spa

  • Licensed for Both Addiction & Mental Health

  • Tech Friendly

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White River Manor has been more than recovery – It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am totally empowered and grounded enough to go forward in life happy, healthy and substance-free.

Andy, UK


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Dr Az Maxwell Hakeem

Referring Professional

Consultant Psychiatrist

I’ve visiting several recovery and rehab facilities all over the world over the past 10 years including several in the USA. I was very impressed by my visits to WRM which I prefer over any of the other international treatment facilities. They are incomparable in terms of the standard of the accommodation and have greater quantity of therapy available around 6 hours of groups and many 1:1 sessions per week which is far more than the usual once weekly 1:1 sessions offered elsewhere. Therapy is provided by trained psychologists rather than non-psychologists without formal therapy trainings which is the standard in many places. For me this is an important consideration. The price point is a huge reason why WRM makes sense for many of my UK based self funding patients. I have referred patients for the executive burnout wellness programme, others to have an intensive residential therapy experience for anxiety conditions or depression, and for patients with addictions. Staff are positive and helpful and made the referral process easy. Oh and the patients get to spend time with elephants, visit safari and get to use quad bikes. Learning to enjoy life and have their reward centres activated without the stimulant or other drugs which they may have relied on to provide enjoyment and reward prior to treatment. WRM is my ‘go to’ facility outside the UK for my patients


2022 (45 days) • Reviewed October 19th, 2022

Former Client


White River Manor surpassed my expectations. I walked in scared, angry, and broken. But with time, therapy, many tears, and a few laughs. I was able to walk away with the the tools necessary for a new life.Quick overview. I spent 6 weeks in their luxury treatment center. All of the clients had freedom and flexibility to stay connected with our family, friends and professional network, making the transition and reintroduction to my new life smooth and effective. Daily therapy sessions and educational courses supported my emotional growth. I admit, there were plenty of personal hurdles that I was blind to. The team drew them out and supported me with both break downs. Then followed all the way to my break throughs.The food and service are 5 star! The service team was truly outstanding. Not only nice, but also comforting. They go above and beyond. As a big foodie, I can every plate was exquisite. In fact, I ordered double meat at almost dinner lol. Huge shout out to my big bro George! He is the person to contact when enrolling into WRM. You are a saint! Appreciate you’re wisdom, kindness, and brotherly kick in my ass lol.The extracurricular activities made the trip one of a kind! Outside of the lessons learned and time spent with therapists. These outdoor adventures are what make the WRM experience so special. Safaris, paragliding, clay pigeon shooting, ATVing, just to name a few. Many memories that I will cherish for a lifetime!Be sure to contact George for any more info! Good luck to those searching for a new way of life.

G. from Amsterdam

2022 (30 days) • Reviewed September 19th, 2022

Former Client

Review Guido: “Choosing for White River Manor” is choosing for yourself. Rehabilitation in luxury. With a maximum of 17 clients there is enough time and personal care to provide you what you need. Staying in this beautiful environment with all these professionals gives you the time to work on yourself no matter what the reason is you’re here to create the best version of yourself. You even sometimes forget that you are in a rehab and that’s a big plus! WRM stands for professionalism, care for those who have decided to make their life even better than it was before”.


2022 (60 days) • Reviewed August 27th, 2022

Former Client



I spent 8 weeks at White River Manor and it’s difficult to put into words the heartfelt gratitude that I have for all the staff - from front of house to the excellent therapeutic team. When I arrived at the Manor, I was nervous, scared and utterly broken without an ounce of self worth. I was looked after from the very moment I stepped through the door and reassured and encouraged every step of the way. I never thought rehab could be an enjoyable experience, but I will never forget my time there.White River Manor not only helped address my addiction and the toxic relationship with myself, but helped me fall back in love with life again and want to truly experience what the world has to offer. I can’t thank them enough! I wouldn’t be where I am without them.