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5-120 days
Substance Use
Co-Occurring Mental Health
A cozy home offering detox, residential stay (5-120 days), specialized music therapy track and a recording studio to document your recovery journey.
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Edge of the Foothills

Located in the gorgeous foothills of Los Angeles, our property showcases picturesque views of the mountain range. Relax and unwind at one of the multiple beaches, parks, and hiking trails that are easily accessible from our ideal location.

Evidence-Based Therapy

Our staff of licensed therapists offers a variety of evidence based treatment modalities ranging from trauma, relational, family and music therapy.

Professional Recording Studio

We believe in the therapeutic power of music at White House Recovery & Detox. Our professional recording studio is equipped with everything necessary to produce, edit, finalize, and upload music and videos. Whether you are a budding musician or a seasoned professional, we want you to explore your creativity during your stay. And we can document your recovery journey.

Levels of Care

Mental health is a complex health condition that requires a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to treatment that ensures you receive the appropriate care at the right time, based on your individual needs.
Typically the initial stage of treatment for substance use, focusing on medically supervised management of withdrawal symptoms.
An intensive program offering 24 hour care and a variety of therapeutic services in a residential setting.
Sober Living
Not Offered at This Center
Transitional housing designed to support individuals recovering from substance use disorders offering a safe, supportive and structured environment for practicing long-term sobriety, while reintegrating back into daily living.
Day Treatment
In a PHP, patients live at home but follow an intensive schedule of treatment. Most programs require you to be on-site for about 40 hours per week.
Treatment programming allowing patients to receive care without staying in a hospital or inpatient facility, providing a variety of therapeutic and medical services.
Virtual & In-Home Care
Not Offered at This Center
The delivery of therapeutic services utilizing technology such as video conferencing, online messaging or phone calls, allowing for flexibility, comfort and increased access to care.



Spiritual Emphasis

Family Involvement


Individual Treatment



1-on-1 Counseling

Meditation & Mindfulness

Mindfulness Therapy

Animal Therapy


Art Therapy

Couples Counseling

Introduction to the 12 Step Program

Expressive Arts

Family Therapy

What We Treat







Chronic Relapse

Co-Occurring Disorders




Outpatient Treatment
Medication Assistance
Ability to Call a Counselor
Alumni Reunions
Aftercare Group Therapy


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2021 (30 days) • Reviewed December 23rd, 2021

Loved One of a Former Client


Prescription Drugs
Our son really enjoyed the music studio and art therapy provided. The staff is very involved and relatable. The house feels like a home. It’s sort of a contemporary farmhouse vibe. The therapist is really good and digs deep to uncover the root cause of addiction. Overall a great experience for our son and family.


2021 (30 days) • Reviewed December 21st, 2021

Loved One of a Former Client


Excellent care- felt very safe


2021 (30 days) • Reviewed December 5th, 2021

Former Client


The house is very comfortable and feels like a home. Food was cooked daily in the kitchen by staff and I was able to help if wanted, which helped me feel more at home. The house is clean and well kept up, it has a large deck and backyard with a smoking area and hammock for relaxing in the shade. Another Client enjoyed the small music studio to record music during his stay. We had a few outings such as rock climbing, hiking and Six Flags. The only issue I saw during my 30 days was communication between day/night staff and upper management. This caused tension in the small setting that was very obvious for the clients to see. Randy always found a way to fix these problems even on his days off. I think a little more introduction to the literature for first timers would be a good addition as well. All in all I had a pleasant experience at White House and would recommend it if I ever get the chance.


2021 (30 days) • Reviewed November 28th, 2021

Former Client

Recording Artist

Los Angeles

When I came into White House Recovery I didnt think sobriety was a manageable lifestyle but after the second week I realized it was what I always needed. Apart from the beautiful views, quiet neighborhood, and nice living space the people at WHR really made my stay worthwhile. The technicians are awesome, especially Randy. He made my stay impactful and inspiring, I never thought I could be a day sober never less thirty days but Randy alone made it better for me. The recording studio was a plus, the fact I got to work on music while working on my recovery was beyond therapeutic. The owner Kyle was also a huge part of making my stay better, he sat down and gave me a 1 on 1 conversation personally changed my life and perspective. As long as you are willing to receive the help this place can help you. Being my first time in treatment, I didn't know what to expect but I couldn't have expected this nice of a place and this nice of a staff. There are some things that need to be worked out but the pros out weigh the cons, its a nice and quiet facility with beautiful scenery


Referring Professional

Marketing Director

White House is a unique program for clients interested in music that has a studio for them to record and create. This treatment center not only has great therapy but also holistic groups that I’ve seen these clients excel with. As an outpatient, when one of White House’s clients come to my center they always have great things to say about their residential treatment.

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