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The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center


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An ultra-private center offering highly individualized treatment with a 5:1 staff ratio, ocean views, and inclusive care with specialty treatment tracks.
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Luxury rehab centers offer a unique blend of luxurious amenities and high-quality treatment. From private suites to gourmet dining, personal trainers to spa treatments, these facilities provide a high level of comfort and discretion.

Individualized Concierge Services

The Pointe Malibu understands each client needs a unique treatment plan. They offer customized concierge services for this reason, bringing in treatment specialists based on individual needs and treatment plans. Accommodations and cuisine follow this same customized style. The Pointe’s evaluations and comprehensive diagnoses help guide their services, helping clients and their care team find the best treatment path.

Integrated Care Alliance

The Pointe Malibu’s Integrated Care Alliance unites the referrer, patient, family, and clinical team in one driven alliance. This unique grouping supports each client throughout their care, from pre-admission to aftercare.

Chronic Pain Management Program

The Pointe Malibu’s chronic pain program helps clients repair their relationship with pain medications and manage pain in new ways. Chiropractic care, hypnotherapy, nutritional counseling, and medication management can lower pain and teach clients how to live alongside it. Specialized clinicians deliver chronic pain treatment, and help each client plan for their future.

Plentiful Holistic And Experiential Options

Clients at The Pointe Malibu can enjoy surf therapy, expert massages, hikes, and yoga. Their holistic treatments include neurofeedback, hypnotherapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, Chi Gong, and IV vitamin therapies. Combined with evidence-based practices like CBT and DBT, clients receive a well-rounded experience, guided by their diagnosis and care alliance.

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2022 (4 months) • Reviewed January 24th, 2023

Former Client


The location, staff and level of care at the Pointe are beyond remarkable. Their program offers treatment by the best people in their field and high level of comfort. I found a real sense of community at the Pointe. It was a wonderful well rounded experience.

John M

2021 (60 days) • Reviewed January 24th, 2023

Former Client

Former profesional pilot


Beautiful setting and very AA based with a large variety of treatment options available.


2020 (30 days) • Reviewed January 24th, 2023

Former Client



Co-Occurring Disorders
A comprehensive treatment center in a beautiful setting, that actually delivers on what they offer. No bait and switch; plus, professional staff that truly cares! They go above and beyond to create a tailor-made holistic recovery program that is uniquely suited to your needs.

Earl Hightower

Referring Professional


The Pointe has worked very hard to develop a team that balances both clinical and 12step educational components. Their communication with me has been everything I have asked for. Each case requires a different approach and they have been great in working with me to customize each client’s treatment plan. I would recommend them to anyone looking for top shelf behavioral health care.

La Flama Blanca

2022 (30 days) • Reviewed January 12th, 2023

Former Client

Real Estate Professional

The place is a sanctuary - located on the beach of the pacific it is the epitome of what a rehab facility should be - cozy environment great food and unbelievable staff separates the point Malibu from the rest

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