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Substance Use and Mental Health
An intensive outpatient program (IOP) with nearby sober living accommodations, treating addiction and mental health with evidence-based care.
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Outpatient And Sober Living

Outpatient programs offer greater flexibility in both cost and time commitment, allowing business professionals, parents, and students to receive the treatment they need, when they need it. For greater flexibility, The Heights Houston has multiple outpatient programs with varying levels of intensity, helping each client find a fit for them. Transcend Living provides sober living for clients needing a safe space to stay while they attend outpatient treatment.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

The Heights Houston prioritizes mental health and addiction treatment, caring for both simultaneously. In their multidisciplinary treatment team, clients have the expertise of therapists and psychologists guiding their treatment, helping relieve and address the symptoms that may contribute to their addictive behaviors.

3-Phase Individualized Intensive Program

In their most intensive outpatient option, The Heights Houston offers a 90-day program that progresses in 3 stages, with frequency of care decreasing in each stage. Clients receive the benefits of supportive living during The Heights’ Intensive Program. With therapy and care decreasing in each stage, clients can integrate fully into sobriety in a gradual, attainable way.

Trauma-Focused Care

The Heights Houston takes a special focus on trauma, using trauma-informed care to help relieve clients of post traumatic stress (PTSD) and other symptoms. They offer evidence-based care like eye movement therapy (EMDR) and holistic modalities, like art therapy and trauma-informed yoga, which seeks to remove trauma from the body.

Levels of Care

Mental health is a complex health condition that requires a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to treatment that ensures you receive the appropriate care at the right time, based on your individual needs.
Not Offered at This Center
An intensive program offering 24 hour care and a variety of therapeutic services in a residential setting.
Sober Living
Not Offered at This Center
Transitional housing designed to support individuals recovering from substance use disorders offering a safe, supportive and structured environment for practicing long-term sobriety, while reintegrating back into daily living.
Day Treatment
In a PHP, patients live at home but follow an intensive schedule of treatment. Most programs require you to be on-site for about 40 hours per week.
Intensive Outpatient Program
A structured program, less intensive than inpatient treatment but more intensive than traditional outpatient care, involving a combination of therapies skills-building activities, to help people work towards recovery and maintain mental health.
Treatment programming allowing patients to receive care without staying in a hospital or inpatient facility, providing a variety of therapeutic and medical services.
Virtual & In-Home Care
Not Offered at This Center
The delivery of therapeutic services utilizing technology such as video conferencing, online messaging or phone calls, allowing for flexibility, comfort and increased access to care.
Licensed Primary Mental Health
Some primary care providers offer mental health diagnosis and treatment. This can prevent patients from developing more serious conditions.





Individual Treatment

Personalized Treatment


Trauma-Specific Therapy

1-on-1 Counseling with Clinical Psychologist

Mindfulness Therapy

Art Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Equine Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR)

Family Therapy

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Grief and Loss

Personality Disorders






Co-Occurring Disorders


Support Meetings
Outpatient Treatment
Aftercare Recovery Coach
Alumni Events & Get-Togethers
Alumni Reunions
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Melissa Williams

2020 (45 days) • Reviewed October 18th, 2022

Former Client

Recruiting / Training

Cypress, TX

It saved my life. I had never known there was a place like this. I entered the Transcend Home and was welcomed immediately. I do feel like there could have been more structure but this was during the crazy Covid time and we had to do all of our therapy via computer and our Wifi was very weak at time but you guys DID YOUR BEST and tried so hard to make things better for us! The house was clean and you all took such good care of us during this time. Like I said, I was there during a very different time. We never went to the offices...so we had to really figure out had to "do rehab and groups" differently! Ya'll DID IT! I was scared and lonely when I walked in---I was scared of myself-really and needed to understand why I thought the way I did. Your staff was amazing. I met my Therapist Kelley Morgan there. I still use her. She has saved my life. I LOVED all the group classes you offered, Drama classes, Art therapy, Yoga, Brain classes (sorry I know they were called something different) but WOW studying the brain was so helpful and NEEDED! Understanding the "why" is so important! YOU ALL know the business of trauma and I felt HEARD and VALIDATED by you. I have always said while raising my own daughter.... YOU WILL ALWAYS be heard....and finally I WAS ACTUALLY heard by other adults! THANK YOU for that! I will never forget you guys. I still make my bed every morning :) I still do my breathing exercises :) YOU all create habits and THAT (in my opinion) is what changes people. NOT ALL of your clients see it that way and i'm sorry for that. You need more staff (I think) and I know that's hard but I think the house needs more people to come in there and really tell those ladies, "HEY - take THIS SERIOUS!!!" anyway----THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Please do not get tired of doing what you all do. IT WORKS!

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