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The Untold Power of Compassionate Care: Addressing Stigma with Dr. Ishant Rana

Grace Ogren
 June 14th, 2024|   Clinically Reviewed by 
Dr. Malasri Chaudhery-Malgeri, Ph.D.

Key Points

  • We spoke with Dr. Ishant Rana, Clinical Director at Alpha Healing Center.
  • Ishant discusses the treatment scene in India and his work.
  • Compassionate care and personalized treatment plans address stigma.

In our recent podcast episode, Recovery.com was thrilled to talk with Dr. Ishant Rana, Clinical Director at Alpha Healing Center. We explored the weight of stigma in India and how rehabs like Alpha Healing Center actively shift from punitive approaches to compassionate, personalized care. Dr. Ishant describes the impact he sees and ways the behavioral healthcare system could improve even further. 

Listen to Dr. Ishant Rana’s podcast episode here

Building Experience and Understanding

Dr. Ishant Rana has practiced clinical psychology in India for over 13 years. He graduated from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Bangalore, India. He’s worked across a variety of focuses, including addiction, personality disorders, psychosis, depression, and anxiety. Dr. Rana joined Alpha Healing Center as Clinical Director, impressed with their multifaceted programs and respectful, non-stigmatized approach to care.

Alpha Healing Center combines medical and psychological care, helping clients safely detox and receive the mental healthcare they need. They use advanced services like neurofeedback and repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to heal addiction’s underlying causes, all while providing comfortable living spaces and an atmosphere of support and camaraderie.

Making a Difference with Personalized Treatment And Education

Dr. Rana’s work at Alpha Healing Center leverages multiple forms of therapy, medical services, and holistic practices to create personalized care plans for each patient. Alpha Healing Center treats both addiction and underlying mental health concerns, helping Dr. Rana and his colleagues provide the comprehensive care needed. 

Dr. Rana believes everyone needs and deserves help, especially people with substance dependence who may otherwise be seen as “too difficult.” His work at Alpha Healing Center allows him to provide the compassionate care needed to overcome stigma and impose the empowering possibility of recovery. He’s found psychoeducation to be a particularly powerful tool in disputing stigmas around addiction, including myths like:

  • Addiction is caused by a lack of willpower; enough willpower treats addiction
  • Relapses mean treatment failed
  • Someone with an addiction must also have a personality disorder

Science-backed truths educate patients and their loved ones, helping them heal as a unit.

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Future Directions and Hope for Communities

As Dr. Rana outlines in his podcast episode, accurate addiction education can benefit both the person suffering and their loved ones. Psychoeducation teaches the truths about addiction and mental health conditions, helping communities view those with addiction in a more helpful light. Rather than being shunned or disgraced, those with addiction could instead receive support and encouragement to attend treatment. 

Fortunately, this is already happening in India and worldwide, especially as younger generations set the standard for mental health awareness and non-stigmatized care. As families and individuals learn more about addiction, they become more equipped to support their loved ones and pursue treatment with hope compassionately. Dr. Rana says,

“So people are getting better, they’re learning more, but I think we have to go a long way,” says Ishant.

Like recovery itself, education and awareness are journeys. Practitioners like Ishant Rana and Alpha Healing Center combat stigma and change viewpoints in hundreds of lives through their caring, evidence-based care, creating an approach that leaves a lasting impact.

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