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*Closed* Comprehensive clinical care meets holistic healing at Remedy. Discover a personalized recovery program in paradise today.

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Luxury rehab centers offer a unique blend of luxurious amenities and high-quality treatment. From private suites to gourmet dining, personal trainers to spa treatments, these facilities provide a high level of comfort and discretion.

Customized Treatment Plans

Remedy Recovery’s primary focus is to educate clients and encourage them to make informed decisions in their recovery. They believe clients’ success is contingent upon voluntary participation. Once recovery feels personal and attainable, healing can truly begin.

Private and Tranquil Setting

Remedy offers accommodations for various price points, ranging from semi-private cottages to luxury villas. Unbranded villas and nonuniform staff ensure confidentiality and privacy for participants in their program. Clients are also able to keep their phone and laptop during treatment.

Experienced and Caring Professional Staff

Remedy Recovery blends their luxury private villa experience with the island's leading addiction specialists, including experienced psychiatrists, clinical therapists, peer support workers, coaches, and art therapists. All work together to tailor an effective and healing experience for each unique client.

Weekend Excursions

Remedy offers exhilarating weekend excursions, with activities like water blessings, local market trips, hiking, surfing, and snorkeling. Premium adventure tourism packages include ATV outings and jet skiing. Memorable adventure awaits in Bali–even during treatment.

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  • Beautiful Location (6)
  • Luxurious Accommodations (4)
  • Excellent & Effective Treatment Programming (6)
  • Friendly & Competent Staff (7)


2022 (60 days) • Reviewed January 10th, 2023

Former Client

Web Developer


I have tried quite a few rehabs before, and the treatment program at Remedy was unlike any other. It honestly felt more like being on a luxury vacation than treatment, even though my schedule was jam-packed with recovery activities. Justin, Ayu, and the team were all so caring and supportive of making a custom program that felt right for me. I was honestly blown away by the range of therapies and activities offered. The team at Remedy truly went above and beyond to ensure that I had everything I needed to succeed in my recovery journey. One of the things I appreciated most about Remedy was the peaceful and serene setting. The center is located in a beautiful part of Bali, surrounded by stunning rice terraces and lush greenery, it was definitely the most luxurious treatment center I've ever stayed at. Overall, my experience at Remedy was nothing short of transformative. The team helped me to identify and address the root causes of my addiction, and provided me with the tools and support I needed to build a sober and fulfilling life. I am eternally grateful for my time at Remedy, and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking recovery and healing.


2022 (14 days) • Reviewed October 23rd, 2022

Former Client



I really enjoyed that the accommodation was individual but allowed everyone to come together for meals and nightly socialising.It was good to meet others in the same boat.The program was well timed, allowing enough time for intense therapy but also downtime.

Amed abutoq

2022 (60 days) • Reviewed October 15th, 2022

Former Client


Where to being.. I never thought I could be where I am at the moment. I was in a extreme bad way two and a half month ago, I had a extreme bad addition to ketamine and other drugs aswell as alcohol that was going on longer than 10 years. I was taking countless anxiety / depression meds / ADHD meds / herbal meds / daily before I came to Remedy. I looked up several rehabs before I choose remedy I just got a feel for and I certainly glad I did. The contact between Justin and Ayu (owners) was great before I came even one month before they always answered and kept me feeling supported through the whole process. From first of my three flights in Scotland all the way to Bali checking in during my stop overs etc. This was essential and just felt they really had my back during this process. They helped with my visa before I came so I didn't need to worry about a thing I just had to get my self over. I got picked up from the airport by there amazing driver wyan and Ayu her self, I was extremely nervous and anxious ofcourse but they made me feel at home, took me for a late dinner then to the amazing villa I was staying in. When I woke up ofcourse disorientated my first day off eveyhing there dr, Dr rye who is unbelievable came and seen me first thing, he get me supplements to help my shakes and anxiety and depression straight away and gave me his number for anything I had questions or anything. Then the nurses that are 24hour would come give me the suppliments on time every day. I was anxious at the start so I asked for my breakfast to come to my room and lunch sometimes and they kindly done so. Then Justin came to visit me we had a long chat about my situation and gave me the plan for the week, my first week was relaxed as they let me settle in properly, then my therapist Marleen come to see me at the villa which all round I knew I was at the right place. Not only was I sober but in the best shape physically with there amazing shedule. Thanks all the staff at Remedy ❤️


2022 (30 days) • Reviewed September 19th, 2022

Former Client

Remedy Recovery provided me with a 5 star treatment program from start to finish, constantly exceeding my expectations and changing the way I thought previously about rehab and recovery. The owners and staff truly cared for me and my individual recovery program. The 1 on 1 treatment was exactly what I needed to begin my journey of recovery. The medical team was extremely professional and knowledgeable, they always made sure I was comfortable and informed through the whole process. The accommodations and food were luxury. Remedy also provided me with amazing experiences around Bali that I will remember forever. We did fun adventures, ATV riding through caves and waterfalls, horseback riding on the beach during sunset, spa treatments, art museums, surfing, and learning about the amazing culture of Bali. This was the perfect way for me to unwind and enjoy sobriety with my new friends. Overall the experience at Remedy was perfect and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a full spectrum recovery program in one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth.

Jonathan S

2022 (30 days) • Reviewed August 24th, 2022

Former Client

Business Owner

Bali, Indonesia

When I suffered severe acute trauma earlier this year, Remedy was my saving grace. It was their caring attention and professional care that allowed me to make a full recovery. I am forever grateful to the staff and owners of this facility.

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