Sebring, Florida, United States

Park Manor Recovery


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$25,000-$55,000down icon
30+ days
A luxury 6-bed home providing personalized treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health with experienced staff, private rooms, and confidentiality.

Highlights from the Center

  • Therapeutic Location

  • Customized Treatment Plans

  • Pool

  • Certified Professionals

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2024 (30 days) • Reviewed June 24th, 2024

Former Client


As most I was apprehensive, but voluntarily came to park manor. Took a few days to sink in that I will be away from my friends and family. It’s what I needed. I was able to bring my dog with me which was very comforting for me. I like the approach 1 on 1 and both parties sharing experiences. The time helped me immensely to realize what things were more important to me and things I needed to let go that were holding me back.