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30+ days
A residential program specializing in treating teens ages 13-17 with mental health concerns, set in the stunning Texas hill country.

Highlights from the Center

  • Customized Treatment Plans

  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

  • Adolescents

  • 4+ Individual Sessions a Week

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Intimate Treatment Size

Teens receive treatment along with 11 others, with treatment sizes maxing out at 16. The center’s small size helps treatment feel and stay individualized, with client-to-staff ratios allowing teens and their families to get the personal attention they need to heal and recover. Paradigm Austin’s location makes for an even more intimate experience, separated from outside triggers and busyness.

Family Care

Paradigm Austin understands the need for families to heal alongside their teens. They offer psychoeducation, family therapy sessions, and weekly family visits to keep families involved in their teens’ treatment. Paradigm’s goal is to help heal the entire family unit, believing that goal can make healing last–even as teens return to life outside treatment and continue to move forward in life.

Collaboration With Providers And Educators

Paradigm Austin collaborates with outside providers, aiming to help teens remain as comfortable as possible. Paradigm can coordinate with an existing mental health care provider that a teen may already be seeing. This extends to schooling, with Paradigm collaborating with schools and teachers to help ensure kids stay on track.

Diverse Treatments

Paradigm Austin uses multiple treatment pathways to find the right blend for each adolescent. Experiential therapies, evidence-based care, and medication-assisted therapy, as appropriate, cater to the needs of each teen. Psychoeducation also plays a large role, in both the treatment of teens and their families. With a diverse range of treatments, Paradigm can help each teen and their families heal long term.

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Lindsey D

2023 (30 days) • Reviewed June 5th, 2023

Loved One of a Former Client

Sugar Land, Texas

Co-Occurring Disorders
My 13 year old daughter went to Paradigm in Austin after completing nearly 2 weeks inpatient. Paradigm was a game-changer for our family. Everyone there was so compassionate and treated the "clients" nicely. We kept calling them kids and the staff kept referring to them as clients. The staff there, especially the CN's, went above and beyond the call of duty. Our daughter told us that they would sometimes bring in beauty supplies (face masks, nail polish, etc.) and have a beauty/spa night with the girls. They also went on various field trips (an equine center, the movies twice, and Altitude trampoline place) in the 30 days that she was there. We had weekly family therapy sessions through Zoom and drove the 2.5 hours from South Houston to visit her every Saturday. On Saturday, the parents attend a 1 hour therapy/learning session at 10 AM, followed by a provided lunch with the kiddos, then a family/group session from noon-1. After that, we have 1-4 PM to walk around the beautiful grounds to spend time with our daughter. We brought baseball gloves and card games to pass the time. We were able to move around throughout the main house (not in the bedrooms) and really spend time together as a family. Our daughter is now in PHP, following Paradigm treatment, and will eventually move to IOP. We are continuing this step-down ladder process to lessen our chance of ending up in crisis again. We chose Paradigm because we wanted our daughter to get help in a home-like enviro.