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RehabPath Raises $200k In Seed Funding From Health Tech Leader

Ben Camp
 December 16th, 2019

Shree Kalluri, founder of Forte Research Systems and Zerology, invests and joins the RehabPath board.

Madison, WI. –RehabPath is excited to announce that we have received a $200,000 strategic seed investment led by Shree Kalluri earlier this month.

Kalluri is a prominent healthcare technology leader, founding Forte Research Systems, which provides a suite of software solutions to cancer clinics nationwide. He led and grew the company for 20 years before selling it in September. By joining our board and taking an active investor role, Kalluri brings decades of experience and expertise in building and scaling a successful healthcare-related business to RehabPath.

The new investment will enable RehabPath to further capitalize on our position as a leader in key existing markets and more quickly scale our business globally to meet the demand from both patients and treatment providers for a comprehensive, trustworthy platform for patients and providers to connect.

Since our founding in 2017, RehabPath has been primarily bootstrapped. We’ve worked tirelessly to prove our business model, and could continue to grow and sustain our business based on our current revenues. However, we see a massive global problem and with outside investment we can more quickly scale to meet this need. So besides this investment, we have also opened a crowd-sourced seed round so that anyone who believes in what we’re doing can invest in RehabPath! All the details can be found at

About RehabPath

RehabPath is an online platform that presents trusted, helpful resources to people in need of addiction and mental health treatment, while providing an effective and ethical advertising channel for treatment providers looking for cost-effective marketing solutions in a $35 billion industry. We have 5 sites globally, including India’s top treatment resource, and a collection of over 1,500 of the best providers worldwide.

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