News / RehabPath Announces Series A Funding From HealthX Ventures to Accelerate Growth 

RehabPath Announces Series A Funding From HealthX Ventures to Accelerate Growth 

Ben Camp
 October 11th, 2022

Funds will be used to grow the addiction and mental health treatment directory’s coverage and dataset to encompass all U.S. providers. 

Jen Scott, Director of Customer Success, Olivia Mueller, VP of Research and Operations, Ben Camp, CEO & Co-Founder, and Bernie, Advisor in the RehabPath conference room
RehabPath leadership team meeting at our Madison, Wisconsin headquarters.

Madison, WI – The majority of people who need addiction treatment start their search online. But unfortunately, this process is far from straightforward due to the complexity of the decision and dire lack of helpful, independent resources available.

In addition, treatment seekers are vulnerable to the scams and deceptive marketing practices that run rampant in the rehab industry. This leaves high-quality, ethical addiction and mental health providers with scarce options to legitimately reach their target audience online. 

That’s why RehabPath exists. 

We know the first step in the recovery journey is a crucial one. We’re here to empower individuals and families by providing honest information about the treatment process. Our goal is to match people with treatment programs that really fit their needs. And by growing our business, we can increase our capacity to make that urgently needed impact.

We’re proud to announce that HealthX Ventures, a digital health-focused venture capital firm right here in Madison, has provided $3 million in funding to support us in this effort. HealthX Ventures invests in innovative companies that create cost-effective, user-friendly healthcare solutions. RehabPath joins cutting-edge companies like Redox, Medable, CancerIQ and DotCom Therapy as part of the HealthX portfolio. 

Funds from this collaboration are being used to continue to build our comprehensive, nationwide resource of addiction and mental health treatment providers. As we redouble our efforts to increase treatment connections, we’re also building out our team. After 4 years of calling StartingBlock Madison home, our new headquarters on the Capitol Square at the top of State Street will open its doors in October. 

HealthX Managing Partner Mark Bakken has been a great addition to our board. Mark applies his extensive experience in rapid business growth to supporting our leadership and operations, and recognizes mental health as an important growth area.

“RehabPath is fulfilling a real need in the market and doing it in a patient-first, ethical way. HealthX couldn’t be happier to be partnering with RehabPath’s passionate and talented team to help people around the world connect with high-quality mental health and addiction treatment providers.

The fact that this important work is happening just a few blocks away from us is also very exciting to me and a big win for the Madison ecosystem.”

Jeremiah Calvino and Benjamin Camp, RehabPath Co-Founders
RehabPath Co-Founders Jeremiah Calvino and Ben Camp

Since our founding in 2017, RehabPath has grown to a 35-person (and growing) team of compassionate, joyful, diverse, and ethically aligned colleagues who share a passion for increasing access to treatment. 

We’re excited for this major milestone on our journey, and look forward to supporting more people on their path to recovery!

Ben Camp 

CEO & Co-Founder

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