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Koh Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand

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A recovery gem taking a holistic approach to treating addiction and mental health, blending Eastern and Western techniques in luxurious, sea-view bungalows.

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  • Holistic Approach

  • Private Beach

  • Addiction Recovery

  • Trauma Treatment



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I started my recovery journey at Holina after attending other rehabs in the past and I couldn't have been happier with the level of treatment that I received. The staff are all amazing people who really cared about my needs and wants as a client. The facilities are great, as is the food and the programme itself was perfect for me. The other rehabs that I attended didn't even come close to the level of care and treatment that Holina provided.



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2023 (180+ days) • Reviewed March 31st, 2024

Former Client

The only way I can describe Holina is that it’s amazing. The holistic approach allows for more ways to reveal the root of the trauma that may be stuck inside that the coping mechanisms became so strong that even the best therapists can’t tap into. Things like breath work allows for emotional releases by using the body and breath, breakthroughs. This plus the type of therapies offered in the program will make you deal and being able to manage your trauma, and have addiction be arrested in comfortable and fulfilling way. This place saved my life and one of the most common things I hear from clients who were in treatment with me who decided to listen to the rehab’s directions to the max have said the same thing. Trauma psychotherapy, somatic therapy, bio feedback water therapy who also happens to be a Buddhist teacher, art therapy, energy cleansing. these are some of the one on one’s a client will have during there week. Also groups like psychodrama are included in the week. I wish I can write more characters in this review but they have a word count.


2024 (90 days) • Reviewed March 30th, 2024

Former Client



Holina is the most nourishing life experience that I offered myself. The great start for both the recovery from addiction, and the discovery of new ways of living by embracing the transformative meaning of life. The staff is extremely professional, supportive, careful and warm. They gave me the feeling of belonging to that open and safe inner and outer space. I found the community of people (the clients) has given me the most satisfactory healthy spiritual and social journey. There are very sensitive, smart, vulnerable and open people that are considering to start their recovery under the guidelines, principles, values, and activities at Holina. Or just come back there for an exceptional sober living period. The social environment is so trustful, offering information, action and confidence on the recovery process during. The place is idyllically situated on the beach of one of the most beautiful exotic islands. The facility offers everything one could want or expect for a high-end holistic treatment and lifestyle, from group sharing therapy and support, to sauna and ice bath, from extremely professional and adapted individual therapies, to pools and gym. I was personally impressed by the immersion in specific holistic activities, such as psychodrama, gongs concert, breath practice etc. As I left a few weeks ago, the after care program is efficient and supports clients being kept in the elevated state of being specific to Holina, for which I am so grateful!


2024 (30 days) • Reviewed March 15th, 2024

Former Client

Life changing

Scott T

2023 (30 days) • Reviewed January 14th, 2024

Former Client

Teacher/ Actor


Holina has changed my life. My first rehab experience was way back in 2005, I completed 9 months of a residential rehab, and did all the right things. I went to all the meetings, sharing and doing all the step work, but not the work that mattered. It’s clear now that the last 18 years of trying to work recovery through the 12 steps of NA, and even having completed three rehabs without connection to self- I wasn’t free. I found myself at a new spiritual, emotional and mental rock-bottom in 2023. My partner found Holina online after some research, and with a new surrender, I borrowed the money and came to Kho Phan gang Thailand. In desperation I entered into what I now know was my journey back to self that I have so yearned for. I don’t know what it is about this particular island, maybe it’s the energy of the crystal that this island rose from. Maybe it’s the Director Yossi and the Monk that owns this land, but I do know that it is a very special place. The work I did here has been life changing. Every person on the team was amazing, and the therapies gave me access to a whole new level of healing. I had support through one on one psychotherapy and somatic therapy, water therapy, breath work, twelve-step meeting and recovery caseworkers. The beautiful beach surroundings and the shear beauty of this place supported me to go to the depths of my soul and heal. I have developed a connection to my wounded child and inner self, which I’ve never felt before my life, so the healing has begun. I can now begin the next chapter of my life from an authentic place, where I believe my true self that wants recovery exists, and not from the addicted personality I was working from in my previous two decades. A truly spiritual process happened to me here at Holina treatment Centre, and I can’t recommend it more thoroughly to anybody who is struggling with this horrific disease. I owe my life to this place, and will continue to do the work on self that I began here. I am so grateful, and will continue to recover as I follow this journey of living clean and sober.


2023 (30 days) • Reviewed January 1st, 2024

Former Client


Sex Addiction
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Holina has definitely lived up to its name and its slogan“Get back to yourself”The program and the staff were amazing and I am truly blessed to have had this amazing experience