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7-14 days
An ibogaine-assisted detox facility with constant medical supervision, comfortable surroundings, and the oversight of a doctor specializing in ibogaine treatment.

Highlights from the Center

  • Therapeutic Location

  • Holistic Approach

  • Trauma-Informed Care

  • Addiction Recovery

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Comprehensive Detox

Experience Ibogaine offers a comprehensive detox experience, starting with physical tests to help determine ibogaine’s effectiveness. They use advanced medical equipment to monitor the process. Their doctors and nurses oversee the process too, and clients’ whole stay at Experience Ibogaine. Once they’re able, clients begin coaching and workshops to plan their next steps in treatment and prepare for what’s to come.

3 Phases of Ibogaine

Once administered, clients experience 3 distinct phases of ibogaine treatment. These include the acute phase, reflective phase, and residual phase. Each phase offers different benefits, like helping clients address past traumas, reducing withdrawal symptoms, and reshaping substance-damaged communications systems in the brain. Clients may also have a spiritual experience with ibogaine, which can enhance their success.

1:1 And Group Care

Experience Ibogaine provides group and individual workshops and coaching sessions. Their first group session addresses and answers questions about ibogaine. Then, after their ibogaine session, clients re-group to formalize new plans for their future and workshop new decision-making skills. A final 1:1 session prepares clients for the next steps in treatment, and helps them connect with further care and begin the treatment they need.

Airport Pickups

Experience Ibogaine provides airport pickups from the nearby San Diego airport. With this service, clients can seamlessly cross the border into Mexico. Clients notably don’t need a passport to enter Mexico from the San Ysidro border. A photo ID or birth certificate serves as proper identification. Once in Mexico, all United States citizens can’t be denied re-entry into the States.

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