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Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Conquer Recovery provides high-quality, personalized treatment in an intimate setting with private rooms.

Highlights from the Center

  • Joint Commission Accredited

  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

  • Wellness Emphasis

  • Medically Assisted Detox

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Treating Addiction As A Symptom

Conquer Recovery understands that addiction isn’t a choice. They seek to treat the core cause of addiction, using dual-diagnosis treatment and a variety of therapies to create individualized plans for recovery. Evidence-based and holistic therapies combine with traditional 12-Step meetings to create fully comprehensive care for each client.

Holistic Healing

Conquer Recovery offers a range of holistic therapies, including yoga, massage, fitness, and aquatic therapy. These movement-based therapies work well with their evidence-based practices, helping clients feel better inside and out. Conquer’s on-site pool gives clients the opportunity to try various forms of aquatic therapy.

Family Therapy And Care

Addiction is a family disease, which is why Conquer Recovery seeks to care for clients and their loved ones. Conquer Recovery provides family counseling sessions, psycho-education, and self-care interventions for family members. With clients and their families healing as a unit, the path of recovery becomes even smoother.

Privacy, Nutrition, And Luxury Amenities

Conquer Recovery provides unmatched privacy, with 3 private bedrooms and a shared 3-person room in their center. Clients will have space to reflect, relax, and focus on healing their mind and body. Nutritious, chef-prepared meals help heal the body during residential stays. Conquer’s pool and gym keep clients active and feeling physically well as they set the stage for life-long recovery.

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Referring Professional


Staff is professional, operates above bar and follows all guidelines meanwhile tending to the clients’ individual needs and meeting them where they are.


2022 (30 days) • Reviewed August 12th, 2023

Loved one of a Former Client

A family member went to Conquer Recovery Centers after being in and out of treatment for a few years. It wasn’t until completing the program at Conquer that they were able to get and stay sober. It has now been a year and I have seen them completely change their life around. I visited them often while they were in treatment. The facility was beautiful. The staff was kind and always accommodating. I’m grateful for the entire team at Conquer, from the technicians to the therapists. They provided the life lessons and tools necessary to beat addiction.I highly recommend them to anyone searching for addiction treatment.


2022 (30 days) • Reviewed August 11th, 2023

Loved one of a Former Client

There is absolutely no match to Conquer. Their facility was wonderful but the way they care and treat the clients goes unmatched. I cannot say enough about this facility. Anyone looking for treatment, please stop at this review and call them! It will be the first day of the life you’re looking for.


2023 (30 days) • Reviewed August 11th, 2023

Former Client


Conquer Recovery is the real deal. They took me in when I was frightened, desperate and treated me with respect, kindness and compassion. The staff is amazing and cares so much, I remember my first night I didn't think I had any appetite so I was saying I wasn't hungry and one of the techs was so kind and we were chatting and she brought up Hawaiian bbq and that actually sounded great, so she ordered it for me. 20 min later I was eating...And I did feel better after. Its a beautiful facility run by people who truly care and have created a great structured environment to help people heal. I would definitely refer a friend or family to Conquer.


2021 (30 days) • Reviewed March 31st, 2023

Former Client


Dallas, Texas

Prescription Drugs
I am beyond thankful for Conquer Recovery. Their location is clean, spacious, and has the comfort of a family home versus an unwelcoming facility. Anna and her team were always professional while remaining patient, warm, and kindhearted. Even the owners would visit often and interact with us, which showed that they really cared about the integrity of their program. I loved all the meals cooked by the on-site chef and, as an out-of-stater, really enjoyed exploring LA during the group outings. One of my biggest takeaways were the therapy sessions that helped me realign the mental struggles I was experiencing during the beginning stages of my recovery journey. Not only did I feel safe throughout the entire program, but I also felt as if my personal needs and preferences were being heard and always met. Thank you Conquer Recovery for setting me on the right path for recovery!

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