Cancún, Mexico, North America

Clear Sky Recovery


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$9,500+down icon
7-14 days
Clear Sky Recovery is a luxury detox center that specializes in non-medical detox using Ibogaine therapy on oceanfront property.
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2023 (4 days) • Reviewed March 31st, 2024

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I arrived on a Thursday and by Sun I was in a hotel in Cancun. It was all a lie. There was no doctor. After coming down off meth and freaking out because nothing was adding up. I was told a doctor would be administering the ibogaine. They put an IV in then gave me 4 capsules. I don’t know if I didn’t react to it or what, after 3 hours of nothing happening. I started questioning everything and it was down hill after that. I said I wanted to leave. I even called 911 no one ever showed up. They put me out on the street with empty suitcase and they switched my prescription meds with meds I’ve never had! $10,000 I paid and I returned worse. I’ve called, emailed no answer ever.

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