Juno Beach, Florida, United States

Beach House Rehab Center


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35+ days
With a resort-like campus in a Florida coastal town, Beach House uses evidence-based therapies, emphasizing love and connection to heal people from addiction.
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Ryan Roberson

2023 (30 days) • Reviewed July 8th, 2023

Former Client

ourneyman Lineman


Absolutely not luxury. Php is unbelievable. My residence was next door to a trap house. Two days I went without A/C during the middle of summer. The staff at php was very disrespectful as well as the customer service. Room next door had a swarm of termites. If you must go to beach house I highly recommend staying in residential.


2022 (30 days) • Reviewed May 9th, 2023

Former Client

Interior Design


Co-Occurring Disorders
Beach House Recovery Center saved my life. I am a grateful recovering alcoholic today. I have over a year sober due to this center's program layout. I have been in and out of rehabs for 30+ years. My insurance never covered anything halfway decent until this God send of a center. I spent 36 days here. It was amazing. Between the counselors and the techs and the programs and groups and beach time and the amazing campus, you won't find a better place to take care of YOU. To finally have the time to focus on YOU. You'll have your room cleaned for you, your laundry done for you, and an amazing first class chef and menu daily. The medical detox and amazing residential program is world class. The area is stunning. Your schedule each day is going to teach you a new way of living life on life's terms. I'd recommend (and often do) this facility over any other in the country, and I know for me, this is where I would go again if I had any difficulties on my now sober journey. Their Alumni program when you graduate is an added benefit I've not seen in any other program. This was my 5th treatment center, and I've never had sobriety like I have sobriety today. Call them. They WILL help you.


2020 (90 days) • Reviewed July 31st, 2020

Former Client

Real Estate Broker

Raleigh, NC

Wow. Beginning with my first encounter at Airport to “Chipping Out” and going home ... all staff exceeded my expectations. I could have chosen any of the advertised Recovery Centers in the Palm Beach area and I cannot imagine a better experience than I received at Beach House. I am so grateful to everyone at BH fo saving my life! With that said, is the place absolutely perfect? Of course not, but it comes close. Rehab Centers are a business. However, BH truly cares and are committed to doing whatever it takes to free you from the pain of being an Alcoholic/Addict. I recommend you to stay at least 90 days. 30 is just not enough. 90 days is really a short time compared to all the time we have wasted in addiction! Call the BH. You will be glad you did!

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