Karjat, Maharashtra, India

Abhasa Rehabilitation Center - Karjat


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90 days
A one-of-a-kind wellness resort spread across 2 acres of lush greenery, offering evidence-based and holistic treatment in a serene atmosphere.

Highlights from the Center

  • Nature Lovers

  • Customized Treatment Plans

  • On-site Spa

  • Neuro/Bio Feedback Therapy

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I sincerely thank Mrs. Gayathri and her team for the care which they have shown to my son during his tenure in Abhasa for his treatment. He felt like home away from home. Treatments, care, entertainment, food, whatnot, everything was at its best and I would say that Abhasa provides one of the best drug addiction treatment in India.

Indhu mathi

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Food & Nutrition




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2023 (90 days) • Reviewed January 24th, 2024

Former Client

Good rehab in Mumbai. They are very professional and on of the best teams in treating mental helath issues. My own issues started feeling light only after getting here. I haven't got this comfortable with my previous team. Here there is a logic behind every answer which makes you think. Food was great and also we were taken on trekking and were exposed to various activties.


2023 (45 days) • Reviewed January 24th, 2024

Former Client

My son was admitted here for his temper issues. He was very adamant. They helped us getting him better. He is much into reality now. Dr Naveen was so patient enough to answer all our questions.


2023 (90 days) • Reviewed January 23rd, 2024

Loved One Of A Former Client

My sister was admitted here and she was treated by the best. She regrets how drugs have changed her life, but even now when she feels low or urge to get back she approaches them. They are very humble enough to help my sister even after she got discharged through post care. This shows how genuinely concerned they are about their patients.


2023 (45 days) • Reviewed January 2nd, 2024

Former Client


My starting point for healing was strengthened by my time. For anyone having difficulty with substance abuse, I wholeheartedly recommend Abhasa. The neurofeedback was quite beneficial, and the staff and facilities were excellent. They also offer good post care options which helped me with my transition period.


2023 (90 days) • Reviewed December 29th, 2023

Former Client

Home maker


Personality Disorders
Abhasa has been my savior. It has taught me so much about addiction and how to manage the difficulties it can cause. The counselors are such remarkable, kind individuals. They genuinely care about making a positive difference for everyone. They have exceeded my expectation. One of the finest rehab centers.