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1, 2,4, & 6 Week programs
A bespoke mental health program and wellness retreat blending Eastern and Western practices for personalised physical, mental, and spiritual healing in Bali.

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  • Therapeutic Location

  • Customized Treatment Plans

  • Wellness Emphasis

  • Mental Health Disorder Treatment

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I am so grateful to work with Marleen. Her thoughtful listening and practical advice helped me navigate through personal problems and work towards a healthier mindset. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone looking for self improvement.


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2024 (14 days) • Reviewed June 2nd, 2024

Former Client

Finance Industry


After a very stressful year professionally and personally I needed a place to help me rediscover myself and get back on track again. The Reset provided me with a very welcoming and caring environment. They hit the right note on all mental issues I wanted to work on. And I felt reborn after spending 2 weeks with them. And the physical program is very flexible, I opted (in addition to the personal trainer) to focus on muay thai. It was a healing and wonderful experience, very well balanced from day to day. Even the food they offer is optimized to your needs and you can choose between various kcal levels depending on your goals. A big thank you to the team.

Emma G

2024 (45 days ) • Reviewed May 30th, 2024

Former Client

Project Manager


A few years ago I followed the Tony Robbins seminar. After this I was ready to do some in-person work for my mental and physical health. I stayed at The Reset for 6 weeks. This experience was truly life changing for me. Marleen and her team were very attentive and caring, especially Jelly and Ilu made my stay very comfortable. The beautiful garden contributed to the whole experience making The Reset a sanctuary where you can really focus on yourself and feel safe. Thank you so much!

Stephanie O

2024 (30 days) • Reviewed April 29th, 2024

Former Client

Business Owner


After staying in a rehab in Bali for 3 months and being successfully sober for 3 months, I felt ready for the next step and joined The Reset. It has been a wonderful way to help me easily flow into the rest of my life. With a very balanced program to further work on my mental and physical health, and still be able to join the AA/NA meetings. The the food and staff were amazing, and the location was beautiful and peaceful. For me this has been a great way to transition and to continue to work on myself through therapy in a safe environment .


2024 (14 days) • Reviewed March 29th, 2024

Former Client

Commercial Director


The Reset is hands down the best place to go to for a mental health program in Bali right now. Where shall I begin describing the great program and people of the Reset. Every single teammember went out of their way to support me and so friendly. A big thanks to Putu for the Balinese healing massage, which is an experience so profoundly wonderful. Their cost is very reasonable given their beautiful accommodation, service and customized plan for both mental support and physical activities. After my difficult divorce I went through a very rough time and now after my treatment, I have a much more positive outlook on life.