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Kolonial House


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7-30 days
A private, western-owned and operated center specializing in mental health care, customized 1-1 recovery, and wellness retreats.
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Comprehensive, Not-for-Profit Treatment

Kolonial House treats each client with a treatment plan customized to their needs. Their comprehensive plans focus on holistic and evidence-based care, using proven therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy and alternative treatments like hypnotherapy, if desired. Their owner is a self-funded retiree, not motivated by personal profit, assuring high standards and ethics.

Medical And Emotional Wellness

Kolonial House prioritizes whole-person healing, blending medical care into their mental health retreats. Kolonial accomplishes this through nutritional care, fitness, and care from a doctor when needed. Evidence-based therapies and guidance from Kolonial’s psychologist help ensure comprehensive treatment for each unique client. Kolonial House also supports clients with understanding staff, many of whom have been with Kolonial House for a decade or longer.

Flexible Options, Individually Customized

Kolonial House offers 1-on-1 therapy, with the option to join small group activities. Their accommodations and treatment are private and anonymous, taking in only 4 clients at a time. Kolonial’s 2 private villas invite families and couples to stay with each client, should they desire. Individual assessments help develop clients’ customized treatment, with full program planning from start to finish. Various stay times offer flexibility and more opportunities for recovery.

Peaceful and Safe Beachfront Location

Clients can enjoy rest and adventure at Kolonial House. Once a boutique hotel, Kolonial House has character furnishings and a peaceful atmosphere. Weekends blend one day of rest and another of exploration, giving clients the option to experience Sanur’s unique, quiet culture and outdoor adventures first-hand. Kolonial House also partners with nearby providers to offer a unique hybrid experience, catering to the mental health and wellness needs of each client.

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2020 (30 days) • Reviewed December 29th, 2022

Former Client

At first I was nervous because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had been diagnosed with clinical depression due to the insurmountable pressure from my personal life in 2020 and for the past few months before taking the leap with Kolonial House Bali rehab centre, I truly felt hopeless. My anxiety was at an all time high, up to the point where leaving my home to join the world, even for a slight moment, gave me intense anxiety. I knew something had to be done because my mental health was declining everyday and I was getting to the point where I was losing hope for my future. The initial conversation was warm and sincere, with every question I had being answered thoroughly, and that was when I decided to take the leap and go on this journey to self healing. When I got to Kolonial House I was immediately welcomed by all of the staff. The staff made me feel at home immediately and there was an energy of genuine care and concern for my well-being. A schedule was created for me, and throughout my days I was well taken care of. My clinical team, which consisted of three magnificent therapists, were well aware of my issues and immediately had plans to help me with my recovery. Not only does Kolonial House focus on clinical practices but they also focused on other holistic practices such as acupuncture, Ayurvedic and yoga. Staying at the Kolonial house during my retreat was magnificent. It’s a quiet, beautiful home that had me felt safe and I was never alone. The staff were amazing in making sure I ate properly and were very caring. I made friends with them and it felt like being with family.I will always be grateful for my experience at Kolonial House. I felt like I was given a second chance at life. I now understand that I am not a lost cause; the skills I’ve learned to gain more control of my emotional state and my overall life will be carried with me for a very long time.

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