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In the forested suburbs outside Toronto, Muskoka Recovery provides a range of services from detox to residential care in King City and Muskoka.
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Holistic Care

We offer holistic personalized care for mental health treatment, relapse prevention plans and therapies.


Muskoka Recovery wants to help clients recover, empower and succeed. Our team does this by embodying our six core values which are caring, excellence, respect, accessibility, innovation and integrity.

Community Integration

We believe community plays an important role in the recovery process. We can help clients with resume preparation, find housing and connect you with potential employers. We help you get back on track, maintain or rebuild connections with your community for an easier transition.

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Business Owner

2022 (60 days) • Reviewed November 23rd, 2022

Former Client


London, ON

Prescription Drugs
Muskoka Recovery has been the most successful part of my recovery. From the very beginning where I was hesitant on coming in, the intake team stayed in contact with me and basically held my hand the entire way until arrival. They were able to pick me up in Toronto, and bring me right to the Center. I’ve never been so grateful to have been apart of a group of professionals and amazing people. My time there was unforgettable, productive in regards to the DBT and CBT based therapies, and especially with their amazing psychotherapist. He was able to held me work through all my triggers and help me maintain a life of sobriety. I continued sessions with the psychotherapist after leaving as well. Everything was amazing, the atmosphere, the compassionate staff, the nurse was above and beyond with my overall detox and health. We did a lot of hikes and boating and fishing and that was the most rewarding experience being able to implement nature therapy. The other thing was I was able to keep all my electronics and work through my computer all in the comfort of the facility. This place is where you want to get clean and sober, it has been something I will always cherish and remember for the rest of my life.

Jessica B

2022 (30 days) • Reviewed October 9th, 2022

Former Client


Toronto Ontario

Thank you so much to all staff at Muskoka Recovery. I was recently there in the summer for 30 days and this place saved my life. It felt like I was part of a family which helped me overcome my social anxiety as well as open up more in classes. The food was absolutely outstanding each and everyday it was always something new! The classes, therapy sessions, yoga, chiropractor, hikes, boat rides. All played a HUGE part in my recovery. Special thanks to Eva for being the mom I never had. This place is the perfect location to find yourself again. I would recommend this Rehab to ANYONE who is struggling with addiction and needs help. This is the place you want to be at. I will forever be grateful for this amazing opportunity I had to come here.


2022 (30 days) • Reviewed October 4th, 2022

Loved One of a Former Client


A very big thank you to all of the staff at Muskoka Recovery. I'm leaving this review in behalf of a loved one that would prefer to remain anonymous. Our family was forced to take initiative, we reached out to several rehab centers, after many calls with each one we decided on Muskoka Recovery. We couldn't be happier with our decision!! When he got back, the transformation was noticeable immediately. Alcohol had been in control of his life for many years up until now, ruining every one of his relationships. A brand new person returned back home this summer. His thoughts on the facility and staff were all very positive. He described them to us the same way that the person on the phone described it to us when we we called to inquire for more information - comfortable, homey feel but spacious, great outdoors to keep busy, and staff that truly cared.THANK YOU MUSKOKA RECOVERY!


2022 (30 days) • Reviewed September 29th, 2022

Former Client

Restaurant Owner

Edmonton, AB

I attended this center back in May and i just wanted to come express my gratitude. This place helped me turn my life around. i cant express enough how grateful i am to have attended this facility. I had really gone down the drain in my life and almost lost my job and my family because of alcohol. if it weren't for the amazing staff at muskoka recovery i wouldnt be alive and i mean that. Thank you Muskoka Recovery!!! please if you are struggling and scared of rehabs then this is the place to go! they treated me like part of a family and i felt like a person


2022 (30 days) • Reviewed September 29th, 2022

Former Client


Brampton, ON

I just want to start out by saying this place saved my life. I feel like myself again for the first time in 10 years. Addiction made me completely lose sight of who I am and this place brought me back home to myself. The way they treat you like a human being instead of just another addict like everywhere else did in my previous experiences is so refreshing. They allow your family to visit and spend time with you. They treat you like you're part of a family. The food was amazing and eating like a family made me feel so comfortable and safe. The group sessions taught me so much about surviving my addiction in the real world and also taught me so much about myself and how to recconect with my family. I had lots of psychotherapy sessions and counseling sessions on a weekly basis that helped me really dig up the stuff I have been avoiding for too long. The staff have such big hearts and are very good at what they do. Thank you to the staff for how much you care and all of the work you did to bring me out of my rut.

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