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Combining 5-star hospitality in a tropical island setting with personalized treatment for substance use, behavioural addictions & co-occurring mental health.
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Unparalleled Addiction Treatment

Miracles Asia believes providing a personalized approach to addiction recovery helps ensure each guest is fully equipped with the tools and support network needed to maintain sobriety and well-being after treatment. Their comprehensive addiction treatment program addresses the root cause of addiction for each individual, which has enabled the facility to achieve an exceptional success rate of more than 85% for guests staying longer than 60 days.

Relax & Recover In Style

Miracles Asia combines expert care with the idyllic setting of Phuket to give guests the ultimate rehab experience. The facility promotes relaxation, healing and personal growth, allowing all guests to focus on overcoming their addiction. Miracles Asia also boasts an array of rejuvenating wellness activities, excursions and experiences, allowing guests to enhance their physical, emotional, and mental well-being during their stay. From morning jungle walks and yoga classes to unrestricted access to world-class fitness facilities 3 times a week, their diverse range of services cater to every guest's unique needs and preferences.

Get to The Root Cause of Addiction

Though they are world-renowned as an alcohol and drug rehab center, Miracles Asia can help clients overcome all types of addiction. During clients’ stay at their facility in Phuket, Thailand, their Clinical Team will identify and address any underlying mental health issues that may be the driving cause for addiction. Miracles Asia recognises that the journey of each guest is unique, and their personalized treatment plans are custom tailored to meet clients’ specific needs and circumstances.

Allies In Addiction Recovery

Miracles Asia believes the perfect balance of clinical expertise and luxurious comfort is essential for a successful recovery journey. Their dedicated team of professionals, driven by their unwavering commitment to each guest's well-being, ensures that every aspect of their program promotes healing and personal growth. The Miracles Asia founders and several team members have faced and triumphed over addiction themselves, forming the resilient and empathetic backbone of their organization. This firsthand experience allows them to truly understand the challenges and complexities of addiction, while fueling their passion for delivering effective treatment.

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2024 (90 days) • Reviewed February 27th, 2024

Former Client

By a stroke of luck I ended up in Miracles. It took me a few days to come out of my haze & realise that Miracles is in a class of its own. I cannot stress enough the difference between Miracles & other facilities. It all began with Mark picking me up from the airport after arranging a VIP fast track through immigration. When I got to my room I found that it was a private room, all the programme material neatly laid out on my desk, a massive bed, a TV & I was allowed to keep all my devices. The entire programme is holistic and so well integrated with real professionals that care. From the theory class sessions that carry practical tools, to the therapy sessions, to sessions with the recovery specialist Danny, to sessions on nutrition & exercise; all knowledge & awareness ties well into a complete personal programme allowing one to lay a solid foundation to recovery. Every portion of the programme has a significant purpose. Every Sunday there is an excursion that helps one see that life without substances can actually be fun. Once a week the clients are treated to a massage. The 3 weekly visits to the health centre allow clients to attend to their individual physical wellbeing being it gym, swimming, tennis etc. The food is amazing, the treatment of clients is that of human beings & adults, they do take every care & concern over each client. I will remain forever grateful to Miracles for giving me this chance & helping me believe in life, love & laughter again.


2023 (30 days) • Reviewed December 22nd, 2023

Former Client

Business Manager

From the very onset with the intake process, this magical place proved itself to be more about giving rather than taking as most rehabs these days are just commercial machines but not Miracles Asia. Mark, John and the team were completely comprehensive with the intake process, covering all bases one could think of to ensure the arrival was comforting, welcoming and customised to my personal needs and requirements. Mark Heather the Manging Director personally greets and picks up each and every client from the International Airport where Miracles arrange for special diplomatic entry as to avoid the delays, triggers and general frustrations of entering another country. It was all hugs and handshakes on arrival from Mark which feel at ease and welcomed. The private villas with their own swimming pools are simply stunning and beyond comfortable. All the luxuries and amenities of a five-star hotel. I was instantly buddied up with someone who mind you, has become a great friend of mine, and we stay in contact daily. I was given a tour of the grounds and introduced to the amazing staff who would soon become like family. It's worth mentioning that Mark, Bill and all the support staff at Miracles are literally all recovering addicts, and, in my opinion, this is one of the key advantages of choosing this facility. Miracles fully cater to the international community with many clients having English as their second or third language. 5 Stars!


2023 (30 days) • Reviewed December 14th, 2023

Former Client



After decades of drinking and recreational drug use the fun turned into a living nightmare and I was using just to survive, everything got out of control. My health and career were rapidly going downhill. From a fun loving happy-go-lucky guy I was broken in every way possible. After I reached out to a friend and asked for help, he suggested Miracles and my journey started. It was all a haze to start with but with the 24 hour guidance from qualified counselors, support staff and nurses I slowly turned the corner where I started to work either 1 on 1 or in group sessions to get to the root of my addiction. It was hard work but also fun, not what I imagined a rehab to be like. Im not a native English speaker but this didn’t get in the way of me gaining everything I needed to live a sober meaningful life and make some lifelong friends. I stay connected with Miracles and the friends I made there on a daily basis.Big thanks to Mark and the Miracles crew.

Garfield Angove

2023 (60 days) • Reviewed December 12th, 2023

Former Client

Executive chef - specializing in Nutrition


Went to miracles Asia as a client and left an entirely different human being. The profound changes i experienced and underwent while in this program are so indescribable, the words in this review will not do it justice. But I will give it my best. Let’s start with the accommodations first. The location is in the most beautiful part of Phuket. Very discreet. The rooms are all spotless and the decor is different for each room, with a 5star touch. Each room has private pool access which is very nice to have in such a tropical climate, and nice/important for the downtime. The laundry is done daily and with care. The food! I am a chef. I have been working as a chef all my life and I can say, the chefs at Miracles Asia are amazing. They care to each individual guests needs and would bend over backwards to make sure that any clients requests are met. The Thai food is EXCELLENT. So is the coffee😁The program! Well, I won’t say that it is “intense” however they do keep you busy and constantly engaged. It’s a perfect balance. Days/weeks seem to fly by. The psyche-education and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) classes that are embedded in this program are the secret gem. This for me, it was very unexpected. I was able to learn certain particular traits about my behavior, and become aware of these negative points. This learning enabled me to change certain areas of my life that made my recovery that much MORE possible, and also for the people in my life who are supporting me through


2022 (30 days) • Reviewed December 5th, 2023

Former Client


I have just completed my First full Year of full Sobriety after years of battle with Alcohol (my first rehab elsewhere back in October 2018). After my stay in Miracles I was fully supported by the Miracles extended care and network of solid friends I made during my time there. Miracles is like no other rehab you will find. For me it wasn’t only lifesaving but gave me a life I never knew I could live (cant believe its me saying this).Thanks Mark and everyone who made this possible.

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