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4 - 6 weeks
Substance Use
Co-Occurring Mental Health
Metamorphosis Centre for Change is a resort-style home offering a holistic treatment approach for healing through nurturing and maintaining a sense of community.
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Breathtaking Location

Metamorphosis Centre for Change is located on the beautiful Wasaga Beach. Its long, sandy beach lies on Nottawasaga Bay, with views of the rugged Niagara Escarpment. The town is well known for its picturesque canoe routes along the winding Nottawasaga River.

Safe and Comfortable

Located in the beautiful town of Wasaga Beach, Metamorphosis Centre for Change offers a safe and comfortable environment for all of their guests. It is an accessible facility without barriers.

Onsite Activities

Metamorphosis Centre for Change offers a variety of onsite activities including yoga, Tai Chi, beach access, swimming, and a gym.

Unique Aftercare Program

The aftercare program includes individual weekly calls with your therapist to support a lifelong recovery. The family aftercare program includes weekly group calls with you, family members and your therapist.

Levels of Care

Mental health is a complex health condition that requires a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to treatment that ensures you receive the appropriate care at the right time, based on your individual needs.
Typically the initial stage of treatment for substance use, focusing on medically supervised management of withdrawal symptoms.
An intensive program offering 24 hour care and a variety of therapeutic services in a residential setting.
Sober Living
Not Offered at This Center
Transitional housing designed to support individuals recovering from substance use disorders offering a safe, supportive and structured environment for practicing long-term sobriety, while reintegrating back into daily living.
Intensive Outpatient Program
A structured program, less intensive than inpatient treatment but more intensive than traditional outpatient care, involving a combination of therapies skills-building activities, to help people work towards recovery and maintain mental health.
Treatment programming allowing patients to receive care without staying in a hospital or inpatient facility, providing a variety of therapeutic and medical services.
Virtual & In-Home Care
Not Offered at This Center
The delivery of therapeutic services utilizing technology such as video conferencing, online messaging or phone calls, allowing for flexibility, comfort and increased access to care.



Family Involvement


Individual Treatment



1-on-1 Counseling

Meditation & Mindfulness

Art Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Equine Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Family Therapy

Life Skills

Motivational Interviewing and Enhancement Therapy (MET)

Music Therapy

What We Treat


Personality Disorders








Chronic Relapse


Family Follow-up Counseling
Support Meetings
Follow-up Sessions (online)
Recovery Coach
Online Aftercare
Ability to Call a Counselor
Alumni Events & Get-Togethers
Alumni Reunions
Private, Online Alumni Groups
Professional Re-entry Support


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2023 (45 days) • Reviewed September 20th, 2023

Loved One of a Former Client

Co-Occurring Disorders
Our family had a loved one stay at Metamorphosis and we did not receive the level of care and attention they needed suffering from anxiety, depression and substance dependence. The addiction doctor & psychiatrist appointments are online. Only medical personnel on site is a nurse. Do not know enough about mental health medicine and the dangers of withdrawals. Did not seem to know how to handle our loved one’s situation properly. No contract agreement given to us for review or sign by our family for the 30 day stay. Highly expensive for the actual care received. Our loved one is worse off now. We did find the main counsellors to be very compassionate

Shari B

2023 (30 days) • Reviewed April 21st, 2023

Former Client


Amazing treatment center ,with amazing staff.I went in there with anxiety and sleeping issues.The owners Chris and Frank were fantastic.They made me feel comfortable from day one. They attended to my every needs.They were patient and very instrumental in helping me get the professional help i needed right away.They responded to any questions or concerns that i had.The rooms were large and the beds were comfortable.The food was excellent and the kitchen staff prepared incredible meals.This center had many activities and classes to assist me with my treatment.My councillor Rick was also amazing .He is very supportive and very passionate and professional .He made me feel comfortable and assisted me with my quick recovery.My psychiatrist Dr Taliga was excellent.He is very caring and patient and understood my issues and concerns.He takes the time to explain things very clearly.Without his help i would not have recovered so quickly.Thank you Dr Taliga .I also want to thank all the other staff at the center, from the nurses to the front desk staff .I can’t name you all but you all were great .I want to thank everyone at the center for helping me get better so quickly.i highly recommend this place .Shari B

David L

2022 (45 days) • Reviewed February 2nd, 2023

Loved One of a Former Client


I dropped my son off at Metamorphosis of February 2,2022. He was a totally broken man. Ten years of opioid addiction had left him a shell of what he was after many failed attempts. I picked him up 45 days later. He was a totally different man. Not only had he put on 40lbs, he was a new person. He left with not only the tools to manage his life, but a real plan to maintain his sobriety. He has followed that plan to a T, and it's lead to him thriving in his new life. Yes, his new life, he threw away his old life and started over. All new friends, new career and new lifestyle. Our son has been clean and sober for one year as of today. He will receive his one year sober medallion on Saturday at NA. He will graduate from school in September and become and addition therapist. I thank everyone at Metamorphosis from all the help in not only getting my son clean and sober, but for giving his the plan and tools to maintain it for one year and counting.

Trevor N.

2022 (45 days) • Reviewed December 31st, 2022

Former Client

Material Handler


Co-Occurring Disorders
Metamorphosis helped me change my life! When I got there I was in such bad shape from my alcohol addiction my life was unmanageable. I received more help there in my first 6 days than I had gotten in Ontario's public health system in decades. They helped me work through my PTSD with Doctor's, Psychiatrist's, Psyco-therapist's and there own addiction counsellor's. I no longer feel trapped in my own mind and body, I no longer live my life with alcohol in it. Each and every staff member made me feel at home and welcome and were always there to help me when I needed it. The owner's Frank and Chris also take a genuine interest in all their clients well being. The food was absolutely amazing all the kitchen staff were great! The house was always clean. It is in a beautiful location so close to the beach, our walks on the beach were always so peaceful. I truly can't say enough good things about this place it was amazing!Trevor N.


2022 (45 days) • Reviewed July 5th, 2022

Former Client


Toronto, Ontario Canada

The treatment center was useful a bit repetitive after the first 2weeks if you require daily medical care or need the use of a Dr this isn't the place for you they haven't been open a year yet and are still running into straightening out the kinks can be very frustrating for the clients espeshionally after paying to attend the facility

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