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You can attend life-changing addiction treatment on some of the most beautiful islands on earth. Many rehabs pick their island locations for their beauty and restorative qualities. Island settings also allow you to enjoy various adventure therapies and water activities, some of which you could never do in a land-locked environment.

Ideal Island Settings for Recovery

You can find rehabs on Hawaii, Bali, the Caribbean, the Florida keys, some Canadian islands, Norwegian islands, islands in the UK, Greek islands, and on other European islands. Rehabs on islands aren't limited to the well-known islands, either. You can find quality addiction recovery on an island anywhere.

Are Island Rehabs More Expensive?

Some rehabs charge more for their unique, desirable settings. For example, staying in a private villa during your island retreat will likely cost more than a standard rehab. But not all island rehabilitation centers cost significantly more than standard rehab.

In other countries, the cost of addiction treatment on islands can be less than you'd expect due to conversion rates. You can often have an affordable island experience by traveling abroad (outside of American islands and some in Europe and Australia). Or, you can stay local and pay more for the experience and amenities an island provides.

Benefits of Island Rehabs

You can experience a unique set of amenities and activities at an island rehab. You'll also enjoy a typically more temperate climate, allowing you to stay outdoors year-round. You can swim in the ocean, sunbathe, and enjoy nature to its fullest extent on hikes, tours, and more.

The relaxing, slow pace of island rehabs can help ease stress and burnout. You can better focus on your healing and recovery when your environment caters to restoration and bliss.You may find it easier to reflect on your situation, become more mindful of your emotions, and look towards the future in the calming environment of an island rehab.

Common Amenities at Island Rehabs

Their location often allows island rehabs to have unique amenities you wouldn't find anywhere else. Here's a few:

  • Ocean access. Depending on the rehab, the beach may be just a short walk or drive away. Some have direct beach access. You can enjoy swimming, water sports, surfing, and other activities on the sand.
  • Alternative therapies. Some island rehabs provide various alternative therapies, including yoga, massage, acupuncture, and spiritual practices. You're likely to find alternative therapies like these on Eastern islands like Bali.
  • Stunning views. The rehab you attend may have unmatched views of the ocean, mountains, and other natural beauty.
  • Tropical climate. Most island rehabs have warm, sunny climates all year round.


  • Are there any disadvantages to selecting an island location for substance use and mental health rehab?
    • You may not enjoy an island rehab if you prefer colder climates and staying indoors throughout your recovery experience. Some island rehabs can also cost more than a standard rehab facility.
  • What qualifications do practitioners need to provide substance use and mental health rehab on an island?
    • Practitioners providing substance use and mental health rehab on an island need appropriate licensing as required by their country. To provide clinical care, practitioners must also have the appropriate credentials and licensing, like a license to provide therapy.

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