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Based in Beverly Hills, with treatment provided in Baja California, The Holistic Sanctuary is aptly named, offering holistic therapies and ancient plant medicine.
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Holistic Healing System, "The Pouyan Method"

We do not believe in Western medicine, and only offer non-toxic, non-FDA approved remedies. As part of our Pouyan Method, we offer over 150 hours of 1-on-1 therapy per month, daily massage, Reiki, colonics, yoga, HBOT, IV powerful drips, meditation, carbon sauna, Dead Sea salt baths, stem cells, live cells, growth factor IV and more.

Oceanfront Luxury Experience

Located directly on the Pacific Ocean, our setting is a true sanctuary. We believe in 100% holistic therapies and 1-on-1 therapy. We provide 100% Organic meals, non GMO, soy-, gluten-, dairy-free, dense juice cleanse diet, and 80% raw superfoods.

Where Luxury and Ancient Medicine Meet

The Holistic Sanctuary goes above and beyond to create an experience to help guests heal. We are the only licensed healing center in the world that offers ancient plant medicine like Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, and 5-MeO-DMT. Our Pouyan Method has been helping guests for over 20 years.

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Anthony G

2023 (180+ days) • Reviewed May 23rd, 2023

Former Client

Family business

toronto canada

Just a very brief idea of my situation... over 2 years ago I was noticing my body physically starting to decline. I had inhumane nerve damage all over my body, crippling anxiety, anhedonia, insomnia, muscles and joints were weak and deteriorating, I was seeing black spots, had bad head aches, digestive problems and the list goes on, I had head to toe auto immune issues. Near the end I had difficulty walking and performing the simplest daily tasks. At just 36 years old I couldn't comprehend what was going on. I was tested for MS, had 5 MRIs including brain, 4 CT scans, numerous nerve conduction tests, x rays, ultra sounds etc. I saw the best doctors and specialists. They all told me tests looked fine. I was prescribed countless medications to treat my many symptoms. I tried every therapy I could find in hopes of finding some relief but nothing worked. In order to make it through a day I started to self medicate with opiates and sleeping pills that became necessary to numb the pain. I became suicidal and this is a tremendously heavy thing to sit with especially when you don't want to die. As options were running out I went to California to try some regenerative medicine that also proved to be ineffective. It was there that I came across the sanctuary website. Little did I know at the time that that day would prove to be fate. I came home from California and 2 weeks later left to Mexico in what my mind was going to be the last thing I tried. All I can say is wow.

Kelly M

2021 (60 days) • Reviewed September 20th, 2022

Former Client



This is the most important place I have ever been in my entire life. This place completely saved my life and entirely trusting Johnny and the entire staff there my entire 2 month stay is what ultimately gave me my health and mind back. I had been to countless places in the United States to heal from PTSD and what seemed like insurmountable mental health struggles. I had been on over 40+ medications by these places and mental health providers and I was truly drying. Johnny not only worked with my family for years to answer their questions about the sanctuary before I even came, when I finally did go every single thing he had said about the healing possible at the sanctuary was able to come true. Going to this place without a doubt saved my life and also made it completely worth living and filled with joy, it healed my relationships with my family, it has given me my life back and my mind back in ways that me and my family did not think were ever possible. The program is not easy, and I did not want to listen to Johnny at first, but if you truly just follow everything he says and TRUST HIM, he will save your life and return you to yourself. Not to mention the staff is angelic and is so much more special than anything you could find anywhere else. I really felt loved by all of the staff my entire time there, they all became my family for life and they were also such a huge part of my healing. I think about this place every single day and am so grateful for the healing and insane amounts of happiness and stability and just inexplicable impact it has had on my life and I was only 22 when I went. I really did not trust this place would help me and resisted going for so long and kept devolving in treatment in the US. You can trust this place will save your life and change it in ways so outrageously unimaginable and all for the good. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you want to talk to someone about their experience. 561-523-6120. You are so so so so so beyond lucky if


2020 (60 days) • Reviewed September 2nd, 2020

Former Client

Company Owner

New York

Prescription Drugs
I knew I had to do something because my depression and anxiety was breaking apart my family, my life and the life of the people around me was being affected. I got addicted to XANAX at a very young age, and I was already experiencing heart problems. My last shot was Johnny´s clinic, if the Holistic Sanctuary did not exist I would probably be dead by now. The very first week after being there I started feeling so much better, it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be, the total opposite I felt in such a great place where I felt understood and loved! The staff was very loving and attentive, food was great too, super natural! The view is breathtaking, you get to see and experience the ocean, and the rooms are in great conditions, super clean and comfy.

Abbey Smith

2018 (30 days) • Reviewed August 19th, 2020

Former Client

Calabasas, CA

Prescription Drugs
The past 4 years I was in bed all the time and it was heartbreaking for my daughter because we couldn’t hang out or do anything together. My condition is Multiple sclerosis (MS) It is a disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).<p>Medications made me feel like I was 80yo and dying, and I was so broken because I couldn’t be myself anymore. I just REALLY wanted to die, for the past year and a half before I decided to join the Holistic center. It was the first time of my life that I had hope and felt excited about me starting with this treatment.</p><p>When I arrived it felt warm and the staff cared. I received 8 hours of holistic therapies that were all one on one treatment, every single day, not once in a while but daily, 8 hours non stop. It included daily yoga, massages, hyperbaric chamber, reiki, sea salt baths, sauna, and IV drips, it was amazing! After only 20 days of being on Johnny's protocol I started to feel better, so much better, I mean I WAS IN BED FOR FOUR YEARS AND THIS WAS IT, THIS WAS THE SOLUTION! I was there for about 10 weeks of amazing healing. I received over 500 million stem cells, over 400 hours of one on one therapy sessions and it was a MIRACLE. I did ayahuasca, and this rocked my world, WOW! Ibogaine and DMT are just life changing. Johnny is using mind/body/soul approach.</p><p>End results? It feels great to be back! Today I am full of energy and the MS is almost 100% gone! Now I can go out with my daughter, take her to school, and pick her up from school, have lunch with her and just do mom and daughter stuff. Now, I can go on walks with my dog, I can drive again, I can celebrate my life, I can have a normal life!</p><p>This place was magical, it was awesome, the most magical experience of my life! The Holistic Sanctuary gave me my life back, it was a place full of love, compassion, care and a holistic approach that nurtured my body the way it should’ve been. Now I can enjoy life and spend quality time with my family. I am healed, they healed me, it has been a year and a half and I feel great, I am me again! No words can explain what this place did for me.</p><p>Thanks, Johnny, you saved my life!</p>


2018 (45 days) • Reviewed March 13th, 2019

Former Client


This place is on another level ... it has not only freed me from a devastating disease and substance dependency , but also has given me the tools to transform my life. The staff is extremely professional , courteous and friendly . Management is phenomenal, and the owner Johnny is very compassionate , and understands what each one is going through . He spends time everyday talking to his patients and always gives them one on one guidance . This place is truly like a 5 star resort . Amazing place , amazing people , amazing experience ... if anyone is thinking about going here , my advice would to them would be to stop thinking about it and just jump into it . You won’t be disappointed in any way ...

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