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Cash pay clients embark on a journey of personal transformation at a recovery haven, blending ocean-view luxury with tailored recovery and holistic wellness.

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Now entering his third month, my son is thriving. START UP is about the connection my son has with the team. He was lucky enough to develop several mentor relationships. So today, START UP RECOVERY is the only transitional living that I would personally recommend.

Doug W.


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2022 (90 days)

Former Client

Education Administration

Los Angeles

My time at Start Up was an absolute blessing. I spent 3 months in their beautiful sober living houses, and 15 months in their sober apartments. During this time, I was surrounded by an incredible staff who shared their experience, strength, and hope with me - to help me navigate whatever I was going through. I found trust, confidentiality, and loving boundaries within the staff at the houses, and apartments. The partners of Start Up were hands on. All three actively participate in their own recovery, which inspired me to be active in my own. They introduced my peers and I to affluent and influential sober people who work hard each day to put their recovery first, which showed me that no matter what I may attain or experience, I must put my recovery first. Start Up to me is my foundation, my launching pad if you will. Each member of the team helped me create a network and set of tools to go out and achieve my dreams, while being a deeply rooted member of the sober community. Start Up is a strong 12 Step based program, whose intentions are purely to set up each client for long term sobriety. I would recommend my closest friends, and family to go to Start Up. I truly would not be the person I am today, without having spent quality time in their care.


2022 (90 days) • Reviewed March 11th, 2024

Former Client

Start Up, and more importantly the highly supportive team there, were instrumental to my recovery and set me on the positive path I am currently on. I was on the verge of losing everything to my addiction and as a middle aged chronic relapser I felt like I had tried everything to no avail. Immediately when arriving at Start Up it was clear and evident that they treat you like an adult and with respect. Something that I hadn't experienced at other treatment facilities or sober livings. There was a clear focus on supporting me beyond just getting clean from drugs and alcohol. I'm sober, now what? How do I live a happy, joyous and productive life? How to show up for my family with integrity. It was clear that they wanted to support me in creating an extraordinary life without settling for mediocrity in any way. They were clearly more interested in my long term sobriety and wellbeing than just being a place to dry out. The wellness component of Start Up really sets the foundation for a sustainable sober lifestyle that I believe is paramount to long term success. To this day I am still connected with the staff as well as the community I found at Start Up and we continue to be supportive of one another. There really is something special about the atmosphere and environment they have created to support true lasting recovery.


2020 (180+ days) • Reviewed March 9th, 2024

Former Client

Start Up provided me with a safe space to explore, learn and grow in my sobriety. Although I faced some challenges, I know that they went above and beyond to support my recovery. They also helped introduce me to great meetings in the area, and got me plugged into the local recovery community. The staff were friendly and welcoming, and each house was uniquely beautiful.


2020 (180+ days) • Reviewed March 7th, 2024

Former Client


Co-Occurring Disorders
I went into Startup with the attitude that I never wanted to be institutionalized or in treatment ever again. Startup made this possible by facilitating the best possible environment for me to take the necessary steps towards a life of freedom.


2020 (180+ days ) • Reviewed March 5th, 2024

Former Client


Santa Monica

Startup enabled me to unplug completely and give my recovery the focus that it needed in order for it to take root. I was able to reorganize my habits / time management and refocus my efforts towards wellness. I owe the people at SUR a heartfelt “thank you.”