Lake Lucerne, Switzerland



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CHF 27´250/week

4+ weeks
An ultra private, boutique clinic situated on the world-famous Lake Lucerne in Switzerland offering addiction treatment for international clients.

Highlights from the Center

  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

  • Perfect for UHNWI

  • Utmost Confidentiality

  • Addiction Recovery


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My experience at NEOVIVA was transformational. The programme and the team are exceptional. The therapeutic input and education is detailed, relevant, well rounded and impactful. A thoughtful approach that allowed me to feel respected, heard and safe, in a healing and absolutely beautiful environment. Highly recommended!

Former Client, Therapist, 44 years old

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2022 (30 days) • Reviewed May 15th, 2024

Loved One of a Former Client

In the majority of medical institutions the professionals just do their job , but in Neoviva we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that the owners of the clinic took our problem like something very personal and devoted a lot of their personal time and energy to help. And they keep helping a lot 2 years after the inclinic treatment was finished. We are very much grateful for it.


2022 (30 days) • Reviewed May 14th, 2024

Former Client



I came to Neoviva when I was 16 and really struggling with a lot of trauma and alcohol and drug addiction. Neo was the first place that I really felt like I was heard, safe and understood, I never opened up prior to neoviva and I was so deep into depression and struggling with my mental health I gave up on getting better. Neoviva showed me that I had a future still and showed me life sober can be amazing and I could do it with the help of recovery. I am now coming up in 2 years clean and sober and about to turn 18 and I never imagined life could be this amazing. Neoviva and the wonderful people there saved my life and I am beyond grateful and could never recommend it enough.


2023 (30 days) • Reviewed May 10th, 2024

Loved one of a Former Client

A special mention needs to go to the whole team at NEOVIVA, who's been super professional and always attentive. Their ongoing support and care towards our needs has been essential to accompany us through the healing journey. THANK YOU.